Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wear

Dress: This one, reconstructed Kathie Lee vintage, $2.50
Shoes: Thrifted, the perfect heel height for me, $4.00
Headband: Silver chain necklace re-purposed, free dollars
Approximate total: $6.50

Dress: Thrifted Banana Republic ruffled shirt-dress, $2.00
Lace Skirt:Thrifted and so ready to wear ALL THE TIME, $2.00
Belt: Vintage leather braid, with brown, red, and teal. $.25
Tights: Clearance rack, $3.50
Boots: The Boots That Started It All, thrifted from Artifacts in Iowa City when I was 20, $8.00-ish
Approximate Total: $16.00
Sorry this is so blurry! I didn't realize at the time...
Dress: This velvet dress from here, with new fringe on the neckline, $.88
Belt: Vintage, free from Thrift Mart 
Earring: Upcycled single heart chain
Tights: Two pair (clearance rack purple and Betsy Johnson), total $6.50
Boots: The Justins, thrifted $4.38
Approximate Total: $12.00
Shirt: Vintage men's collared shirt, screen-printing ink stain and two missing buttons (oh well!), $1.00
Belt: Thrifted fancy brand, $.75
Jeans: Target clearance rack, $5.00
Shoes: Not pictured, black Keds, $2.00
Approximate Total: $8.75

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