Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Cold Fool

Wearing skirts and tights (single layered) in this -23 degree windchill weather makes me pretty dumb, but the feeling of being "dressed" cheers me up more than being warm does.
The sewing machine stayed busy today (see messy sewing table for evidence) and made my first-ever bunting for our coming prom.
Sweater: Thrifted on Saturday, up close it is a beautiful loose crochet pattern in green and white, $2.00
Skirt: Bright blue and rolled up nice and short, thrifted, $2.00
Tights: Cheapie L'egg style, $.75
Socks: Warm and wool, Christmas gift from the beau
Shoes: Not pictured, thrifted grey jazz-style shoes, $3.00
Approximate Outfit Cost: $7.75

Tuesday has been a breeze so far! I started my day earlier than usual, eating a blood orange while farting around on the internet. My shift at work was short (which means less messy), so I chose to wear something a little nicer than usual and even broke out the flat iron and liquid eyeliner. After just three hours behind the counter, I came home with a rosemary bread baguette in one paw and an amazing americano in the other.

Tuesday, you can be real cute sometimes.
Look! It's the bunting I made! And I'm kinda fancy! And confusing! The flat iron met the bangs, but I prefer to let the rest run free.
Dress: Thrifted Ann Taylor shift dress. Best winter colors in a super flattering pattern, $3.00
Cardigan: Ages old Old Navy, $7.00ish
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Socks: Target. I wish these were thigh-highs like Mona's! $2.00
Shoes: The ol' Justins, $4.38 (these would cost upwards of $200 new and $80 on etsy)
Necklace: Luxe Debris, a very generous gift
Approximate Cost: $20.00 (pretty impressive considering this dress probably cost four times that new!)

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  1. You look fantastic--always, but-- in that shift dress especially! The bunting makes me smile for Friday.