Monday, February 14, 2011

Wassup, B?

Wishful dressing works! The past two days have been over 40 degrees here, and the forecast is due to slowly creep up to 60 by Thursday. Iowa can be brutal, but waiting will inevitably bring you the occasional unseasonal weather. Here I am acting foolish and not wearing a coat in the 35-degree weather:
Enjoying the fact that there is ground space not wet, icy, or snow-covered.
Outfit seemingly inspired by Carissa.
Dress: My favorite and most-complimented dress. So comfortable. Vintage, $5.00
Cardigan: Handed down by my mom after an accidental shrink in the dryer, free
Belt: Thrifted, $.25
Earring: Upcycled from old jewelry, seen here, free
Socks: Target, $1.75
Shoes: Thrifted work (read:filthy) Keds, bought by my boo, free
Sunglasses: Douche-y, but it was legitimately bright. Vintage, purchased at Thrift Mart (my favorite day of the year!), $.25
Approximate Total: $7.25

Rather than gather at one of our usual drinking establishments, we (the crew) collectively decided to leave the success/raucousness of Friday's PROM! be and enjoy a quiet Saturday and Sunday. I spent my Saturday afternoon working with housemate Brandon, who was miserably stuffed up. I offered him some natural tips for relief. Witness:
Ingredients: a quarter tablespoon of "wasabi" paste and a whole lotta gumption.
Results: Major discomfort, but about 30 minutes of intense and immediate relief.
 Saturday evening, Jake and I had our Lincoln's-Birthday-Not-Valentine's-Day Date. If you ever want to take me out on the best! date! ever!*, I recommend you follow suit: Super burgers and cheeseballs at the Starlite Room, an hour of pinball at the local dive bowling alley, at least an hour in the store in quest for the perfect snacks, and way too much candy while watching way too much Party Down in our jammies. Swoon.
A handsome fellow posing in front of the Local Bowler's Hall of Fame. I'm a little concerned about Mr. Bottom Left.
 Can I just brag for a moment and say I earned 22 million points in JUST ONE TURN, and replay was 31 million on the Sopranos pinball game? Sure, I blew it and basically scratched my final two turns...but still! I grew up with a machine in my home and was raised by my dad to be a pinball wizard, touring the area for the best machines. It's one of many fun things my dad and I would do on "father/daughter days," my favorite days.

Do you know of any pinball machines open for public play in the Cedar Rapids area? Hit me up! They're tough to find these days. I'd love to make a database/locator!

*Just kidding, I am kinda-sorta-totally life partners with that guy up there. But I will gladly accept those activities under the (metaphorical) blanket of friendship!


  1. last time I saw a pinball machine of note...Adams Family at Al & Irene's BBQ on Center point rd.

  2. ahhh Thrift Mart almost the best thing in Cedar Rapids. Party Down is by far the greatest show right now. Damn you cancellations.

  3. I'm jealous of that father/daughter activity. Trying to bond with my dad was like pulling teeth. We made a shelf for my records once.

  4. You look so great in your sneakers and tall socks ;-)