Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Dids for Frees

Until about a year ago, I hadn't paid for a haircut in almost three years. Buddy Mona is responsible for most of these short-short 'dos, all done in the backyard of our old place, The Pink Barn. The back porch cuts were always impressive and highly, highly complimented by the public. Eventually I invested in a razor comb of my own and began doing my own hair surgery, for better or worse.

Recently we have befriended a very talented young stylist, Kelsey Smart, who works at the funkiest shop around, The Fix. I've gotten two cuts from her, and a fun dye for her portfolio shoot. While I am still a little too stingy to get frequent, professional hair cuts, she is kind enough to give us all a very, very nice buddy discount. Fancy cuts for not-fancy prices? OKAY! Bonus, her cuts are done well enough that it grows in so beautifully, the compliments on my hair still roll in 6 months after the appointment! Still, much to Kelsey's chagrin, I'm doing all of my own maintenance, most often bang trims.
Kelsey would definitely like me to make two things very clear, and I would definitely like to cover my own ass:
1. My current cut is Kelsey's doing, but the bangs are my own. I repeat, Kelsey is not responsible for how my bangs look!
2. Kelsey does free bang trims so you can avoid doing your own in-between snipping. I am just lazy and spontaneous with my trims.
bottom line: be adventurous! be brave! buy a razor comb ($5.00) instead of scissors. recruit a friend or do it yourself! Watch a stylist to learn their tricks, or ask for advice on how to maintain your look at home. Remember, it's only hair...it grows back!