Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loyal Service for 24 Hours

Hanging out with my coat. Recognize this jumper from yesterday's thrift haul?
Shirt: Vintage cat blouse, a Christmas gift
Jumper: Thrifted, $5.38
Scarf: Covered in horses running free tied into a bow, also a Christmas gift
Shoes: Target via Salvation Army, $4.00
Approximate Total: $9.38

I wore this jumper to work, where I spent the entire day wrangling the kind of customers that "want a coffee drink that doesn't taste like coffee." For whatever reason, these people always choose to come en masse. Weary from the 5 hours of coffee education, I slumped into my couch when I got home and promptly broke one of the buttons off the back. I guess the jumper was worn out too. Thanks for the 24 hours of loyal service, now off to the "fix pile" you go...


  1. That jumper looks so cute on you! Perhaps put it at the very top of the fix pile?

  2. That jumper is soooo awesome. What era do you think it is from? I love how nondescript it is... as in you could wear it with about anything fancy or sloppy. I am enjoying your new layout. good work!

  3. I'm guessing anywhere from the 90's to being contemporary. It's Tiana B. brand. I googled "Tiana B Jumper" and a bunch of Home Shopping Network links came up. It came from TV!