Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cats n Bows, My M.O.

Not trying to be artsy or deep here, I am just this bad at staging photos.
Lace Dress: Vintage, $2.00
Slip: Thrifted, $2.00
Socks: Target, $2.00
Oxford Shoes: Target, by way of Salvation Army, $3.50
Necklace: Made by Carissa, with extra touches by Jake and myself
Approximate Total: $9.50
Necklace made by Luxe Debris. Key, snake, feather, and bird charms. I added the bird charm after the key fell off and I put it in a "safe place" not to be found for months. Typical. I'm reminded of loved ones when I fasten it around my neck, and wear it when I want to feel professional (yes) without losing my spirit.
 For whatever reason, I chose today to be the day I wore something dreamy and romantic. Mostly, I took advantage of being scheduled the non-barista/less messy shift and wore light colors. I was called a fairy princess and asked if I had a magic wand. I'd call that a win!
Ridiculous photo of my co-worker Erin and I, the dual sides of your conscience.
 After my shift, I made a bee-line for one of the area's Goodwills and bought too many dresses. Six dresses, a giant box covered in cartoon cats, and a bow for my wall. $23.00. This is definitely a splurge for me, but some days you find dresses too good to say "no" to, despite being $5.38 each.

 Dresses to alter, my attempts at "before" shots:

Left: Black velvet with sweetheart neckline and sheer neck and sleeves. Needs to be shortened and fitted. Center: Black velvet short dress, will be fitted and embellished. This only cost 88cents. Right: Sleeveless ruffled party dress, has major fit issues and a very awkward skirt length to be fixed.

To wear as-is, assured to be much cuter on an actual person than the mannequin:
The dress on the left will be reserved for times I need to look nice and somewhat reserved. I'm not sure who would be inviting me to such an event, as most people know better, but it's nice to be prepared. The jumper on the right (actually labeled "JUMPER" on the tag) is perfect for the days I choose to dress like a small child from the 1940's. Those days come often.

Dress #6, a candidate for heavy-rotation.
This very sturdy box is large enough to fit me inside with the lid closed, and is covered entirely in these cat illustrations. Big enough for my fabric collection, and cute enough to be decorative. Function and form in a happy, committed relationship. The bow wall-hanging will make some lucky wall in my apartment feel oh-so-fancy.

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  1. I love your dreamy outfit & especially the picture with metal Erin! Also nice thrift haul.