Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check-List Therapy

Things are weird around here right now. 

The sewing machine decided to protest, my living situation has been jeopardized (due to circumstances out of my control), a big move might come sooner than expected, and I'm feeling unsettled. This unease has crept on me in the past, and I haven't always handled it correctly. Now is the time I prove to myself that positivity and a good dose of smile-therapy can help me forge ahead. No, really. I forced myself to do some smiling on my drive home from a rough day of work, and I felt better immediately. Endorphins are magic! 


So my output of anything valuable will be little today. Without my sewing machine, I sadly won't complete the Vest Project on time, and the only other craft projects I've produced must stay top secret until a certain lady celebrates her birthday.

Instead of substance, look at me looking ridiculous and what I looked like while looking ridiculous:
The glare is from my winter-neglected bike, not-so-subtly reminding me that it exists.
Top: Thrifted beauty, complete with gold studs on the print, as well as its sleeves. $1.50
Bottoms: Discount black faux acid-wash leggings, bought for lazy days, $5.00
Shoes: Work-filthy saddle shoes, $18.00
Approximate Total: $24.50 (yikes!)
Tuesday, I chose to lift my mood with check-marks on my to-do list. Consider these exciting things accomplished: dishes washed and put away, apartment tidied up, cat litter dealt-with, boyfriend nagged, dreaded e-mails drafted, healthy asparagus and organic chicken breast dinner prepared and consumed. Maybe I'm boring, but my sanity remains!

Dress: Favorite grunge-era floral dress with modern details: bright floral, pockets, pleated top, and a tulip shape. Thrifted for $2.50.
Sweater: Men's Docker's brand cardigan, bought for an ex-boyfriend but serendipitously rejected, $.50
Tights: Clearance rack at Target, with a hole already on their first day out, $3.50
Shoes: Cherished Justin's, $4.50
Hair: Finally long enough to do this! There's a hard-to-see purple bow, for old-timey-Brooke's sake.
Approximate Total:  $11.00

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