Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friendship, Formally: Prom 2011 Preview

My buddies and I have organized this:
Flier made lovingly by Ramona.
It's free, open to all ages until 10pm, and will have food & drinks (off the menu, the only not free but totally optional part), dancing, karaoke, and a professional photo booth station. Gatherings is graciously hosting us, allowing us to feel fancy while still being a little silly.

A donation jar will be out to support the NewBo City Market, which is totally optional but a cause pretty dear to our hearts. Wouldn't you love to have a year-round, indoor farmers market right in the heart of your town!?

You are all invited, as are your fun-loving (but respectful, of course) friends...and their friends too. Bring your mom, your same-sex partner, your boy in the side, your sister, your son, or your boss. Invite the girl you actually went to prom with years ago, or invite the girl you regret not asking.
Handmade bunting made especially for the occasion, just a peak at the fun decorations to come.
Wear something pretty, or something silly. Cross-dress!  Your actual prom dress from 1984, or something you thrifted yesterday. Maybe you bought a pretty dress or handsome tux but have never had a reason to wear it. Create a wacky corsage for your date, or buy one from Peck's. Wear all black in remembrance of how much you hated high school. Please, just come as you are and as you wish!
A preview of my dress. It's formally ridiculous.
There will be no kings or queens. No popularity contests or breathalyzers at the door. Tickets to the event are not being sold. Parents will not force you to stand in your backyard and smile for photos until your jaw aches. Make this prom whatever your original prom wasn't.
Cleverly designed by Carissa.

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