Monday, February 7, 2011

Reusing & Reducing Pt. 1: The Electric Razor

 This is the Remington electric razor for ladies. It's rechargable (no batteries to waste!), shower safe, easy to clean, and pretty reliable. I've been using electric razors since I began to shave, and have only had to invest twice in those 10+ years. For about $30--including eliminating the need for shaving gel-- it pays for itself in just a couple months. No more tossing out disposable blades and handles!

The shave may not be as silky-smooth as those triple-bladed lady razors, but the embarrassing look of stubble is definitely gone. The razor comes with different attachments for various uses--bikini line, just a trim, eyebrows, and close-shaves. The close-shave attachment certainly gets down far enough that you'll still feel like a "real lady." It's safer (no more cuts) and much faster, too!

Feminist bonus: the white and purple colors are mildly lady-like, but not obnoxious pink or floral like most "for her" products. One of my pet peeves--like this.

Disclaimer: This post is about my electric razor for my legs and underarms. Let's be frank here. I am indeed one of "those girls" that doesn't really shave either of those things but once a month. Yes, I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to shave (and whatever choice you make, I am totally happy for you, your arms and your legs). My furry legs are not in protest to any sort of forced femininity or an issue of principle. It's laziness. And clumsiness. And a sensitivity so great that you could tell my skin an off-color joke and it'd get irritated.

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