Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, the Treaures! The Joy in Hand-Me-Downs.

The support I've received from this blog is overwhelming and so encouraging! It's an excellent exercise in writing and also in creating a focused project--two skills I've let rust away for far too long. Thank you, everyone, for your positive feedback! That adorable creature below, affectionately known as Stinkpants to me, suggested that I give some thoughts on hand-me-downs. What a great idea! Of course, I had to snap a photo of her looking beautiful in the vintage mini-dress I handed down to her as a going-off-to-college gift. What a babe!
Katie Stinkpants in her new apartment and my old dress, looking precious as always

Oh, the Joy!
That dress up there is real cute, right? If you can squeeze into it, chances are you're looking cute too. I could squeeze into it, and sure! it was cute. But again I'll whine about my long torso and my odd proportions when I say that this dress just wasn't perfect for me. Despite my love for its geometric colors and flattering cut, I knew I wasn't doing it justice...but I knew someone who could. Gifting something loved to someone loved is so rewarding, seeing the item succeed in their closet or in their home. This dress is fulfilling its destiny on Stinky in a way that it could never on me, no matter how much I might will it. With any luck, your hand-me-down recipient will still make sure you get the respect you deserve for your treasure. "Like my dress? Broke gave it to me!" Remember, all precious heirlooms first began as hand-me-downs!

Oh, the Excess!
It'd be a great exaggeration to call myself a hoarder, but I will admit to some pretty serious pack-rat tendencies. Most of my clutter is accumulated based on either an item's potential (i.e. craft supplies), or sentimental value. I'm still struggling with my craft supply piles, but I've discovered that by handing down (as opposed to tossing or donating) excess items that are sentimental, the pain of separation is eased. I've given away all of the unnecessaries in my apartment, and finally know where to find that one thing I've been looking for forever and could probably do a roundhouse kick in all my extra space if I had any idea how to actually do one.

Oh, the Agony!
Saying goodbye is hard to do. Take a picture of it. Gift it to someone you see often, who will put the item in their clothing rotation or grant you visitation rights. Months ago, I knew it was time to get rid of a green and black striped sweater I was fond of. Situating it on my dress form and snapping its portrait made me see what I never saw in the mirror--that thing was hideous and unflattering! And now it's good riddance, green-and-black-striped-sweater!

Oh, the Savings!
I don't exaggerate when I say that at least 70% of my apartment is furnished with thrifted or handed-down items. The couch I sit on as I type was dropped off on my porch one day by a co-worker. The television and the chest it rests on were originally in my great aunt's home, as were my sewing table and collection of tiny flamingo figurines. Maybe I haven't earned a spot on apartment therapy yet, but I'll excuse humility for a moment to say that I've done quite well designing my rental space. The table needed a snazzy cloth to cover and the chest needed a couple coats of paint, but the point remains the same: hand-me-downs, paired with a little creativity, are entirely economically responsible.

Oh, What a World!
You know what I love? What I write about ad nauseum? REDUCING WASTE! Giving away your old dress or unloved coffee table keeps it from going into a landfill, and is just one less new dress or coffee table that has to be produced in a factory somewhere. Righteous! Donating your stuff also makes you a real do-gooder, helping a friend with a slim checking account or a non-profit and its patrons (like Goodwill, Salvation Army, DVIP, etc). I'd like to urge you to do your best to first and foremost gift items directly to a person who will use it, and donate it to an organization secondly (things that don't sell in thrift stores often make their way to landfills or developing countries through sketchy practices). Mmm! Social and ecological politeness. Doesn't that feel nice?

Oh! And while we're busy being good people, let's talk about pet hand-me-downs. Jake took in two kitties from a friend who was moving and could not bring them along. Not only is Jake now a total Weird Cat Dad, but the cats were kept out of the shelter, off of the streets, and thus away from drugs, street gangs, and harlot kitties. Their previous mom had the comfort of knowing her babies were going to be well loved and cared for. Pet success!
Weird Cat Dad proof: Jake bought his second-hand cat a pair of infant-sized overalls. This is Emme escaping them.
Oh, the Imperfection!
Sometimes things are handed down to you not for their perfection but for their potential. Don't be discouraged if your new skirt or book shelf isn't perfect. Surfaces can be painted. Loose parts can be nailed or glued. Holes can be mended. Stains can be disguised. Fit can be altered. Recently, Carissa gifted me a lime green skirt whose color and silhouette both screamed, "BROKE!" As "me" as it was, the fit was a little loose and billowy, and the waist bagged. After a little pinning and a swing through the sewing machine (as well as some jazzy applique), the skirt and I have really been able to build a life together.

If you've been gifted something that needs a little spicin', get at me! I have a team of professionals (read: artsy friends) oozing with brilliant ideas and the abilities to execute them. And get 'ta flexing those hand-me-down muscles! Not sure where to start? Attend--or organize--a clothing swap!

For the record, neither Katie nor her pants are-- in any way-- actually stinky.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

HOT Mess of a Jess

This weekend was exceptionally good to me! I had a day off on Friday, and the sun was shining bright. Nothing motivates me better than a good dose of sunshine. After sleeping in, I tackled chores at a leisurely, day-off pace. Recycling was driven to the local center, I kept the sewing machine busy, tidied up...I find the more responsible and adult I act, the more I enjoy my free time. Doing dishes and vacuuming makes me happy!? That's messed up.

I rewarded myself for a day off well-done with food and friends at my "comfort restaurant," the Tic Toc, way too much candy, and a movie with Jake (who spent 4.5 hours fixing my car's shocks in my mom's garage...I guess having a car savvy boyfriend is a money saving tip...). We watched Easy A, which was significantly better than the average high school romantic comedy while still being a kind-of average high school romantic comedy.
Friday's outfit. Outtake photo face chosen for your pleasure.
Top:  Originally Old Navy (purchased about 4 years ago), appliqued to cover some holes and stains, $7.00
Skirt: Thrifted, cut, and re-hemmed. This was my first-ever experiment with using binding to finish off a hem. $2.00
Belt: Borrowed from a thrifted, gifted dress
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Shoes: Not pictured, I wore white leather, high-top Keds, thrifted, $4.38
Approximate Total: $17.00 
Blue and purple placed so daintily in my hair by Kelsey at the Fix Salon here in Cedar Rapids. Kelsey uses Goldwell color (ammonia free and gentle on your hair) and has a real kack for putting in fun colors without making you look too "Hot Topic." I love it!
Saturday evening was devoted to Jessica, whose birthday falls right in the middle of the birth-dense month of January. Jessica has been a friend of mine for a couple years now, and an especially good friend recently. She is someone who grows more admirable every day, realizing and chasing her potential with serious momentum. Jess has her fingers deep in some of my favorite issues: the locavore movement, feminism, and general compassion for our people, our world, and all of its living things. Published and on a lecture circuit one day, I can't wait to be the friend giggling in the audience because I know why she army crawled that one time or how she makes use of the sports mode on her camera. Still, I will buy 100 copies of her book and make her sign every single one...and I won't even sell them on ebay. 

What a gal. Let's add the fact that she is one of the most classically beautiful people I've ever met, can sing like a diva, and has next to no shame. She's a keeper!
The birthday girl wearing her gift from Ramona to one of our favorite karaoke bars.
My own romper, worn in Jess' honor.
Romper: Vintage dress altered into a one-piece that fits my torso, $4.00
Belt: Thrifted, $1.00
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Shoes: Black cowboy boots, free dollars
Earring: Single gold chain with heart, made from upcycled materials, $.50
Approximate Outfit Total: $8.50
I made this earring out of two old necklaces and a earring hook. I wanted an earring that dangled longer than my hair. I love it!
Mona wore this "expensive" thrifted gem ($7.00 in Canada) to her Roller Derby Black & Blue Ball, then met up with us. This girl looks better in stretch velvet than should be legal.
 Jessica began a new tradition this year of making a birthday speech addressed to each of her friends individually, detailing her feelings for us and making us generally emotional. If you plan on getting married, I suggest you rent Jessica to be your maid of honor--the girl was built for giving sappy speeches. She'll look great in your photos, too.

I have to say, though, there was one thing (and just one thing!) lacking from Jessica's speech addressed to me. Fortunately a neighbor strolling by as I unloaded groceries today picked up her slack.

"Girl, you have an ass that shows the sunshine!" And then he bid me a good day and went along his merry way, happy just to share a compliment with a stranger.

It was a really good weekend.


This beautiful lady has one green eye and one brown eye
Happy Birthday to my amazing mother. She taught me to sew, never be afraid to be myself, snuggle all the animals, and that every person is a person and deserves to be treated as one. For her birthday, I karaoked "Mother" by Danzig, one of her favorite songs.
Mom and I when she came to watch me help out at the Leslie and the Ly's show in Iowa City.

Love you, Momma!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Another Day

Outfit January 27th
Top: Long dress cut, thrifted. Summer, I am begging you to return to so I can wear this without a sweater! $3.00
Cardigan: Target from a million years ago, $7.00
Belt: Tie borrowed from thrifted dress
Jeans: Target two years ago, $15.00
Shoes: Thrifted booties, nearly the exact replicas of a pair of Tom's I wanted for Christmas but were sold out, $4.38
Necklace: Crochet experiment done by myself
Approximate Total: $30.00

After work today, I went thrifting. Three dresses, a pair of shoes, a macrame wall hanging, a mug, a giant aztec print hair bow, and vintage coffee carafe for under $25.00. SUCCESSFUL! I also ventured to Dick's Sporting Goods (ugh) in search of the elusive CO2 chargers I need for my seltzer bottle.  UNSUCCESSFUL! And miserable.
Sushi Cat claiming my newest thrift acquisitions.

Smudging the Awkwards

"Even though you got part of it at Urban Outfitters, your outfit was ROCKIN'! -B (the other one)" Note left on my apartment door by my co-worker, house-mate, and buddy Brandon. He is oh-so-sweet and terribly handsome, ladies! I cannot for the life of me get this to publish the right I'll have to try again later.
I cleaned the eff out of my kitchen tonight. Tackled the avoided recycling pile, moved things and scrubbed off the who-knows-what-it-was sludge underneath them, and soaked my stove grates in All Natural Borax. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to beat those winter doldrums--the doldrums that manifest as a serious case of the awkwards. Completing tasks that show immediate results is my number one combatant against a bad case of bummers. Next time you feel down, I challenge you to clean or organize something. Pick a small, easily accomplished task like a load of dishes or scrubbing your tub. Organize the pile that's on top of your coffee table. Don't bite off more than you can chew for the time you have, nor choose something that will discourage you halfway through (some cleaning projects seem to get worse before they get better, like organizing a closet). SEE? Doesn't that feel better?
Frolicking/acting a fool in my freshly cleaned kitchen. That weird bump on my hip is from the pocket.
Top: Urban Outfitters, bought in San Francisco when I was 16, $12.00
Skirt: Grey corduroy, thrifted and rehemmed and shaped, $2.00
Belt: Borrowed from another dress
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Socks: Christmas gift from the boy's momma
Necklace: Gift from Carissa of Luxe Debris
Shoes: Justin's, $4.38
Approximate Total: $22.00
I've got a lot to say about the place I bought this shirt ten years ago. This isn't the place to say it (if for no reason than to avoid libel). What I will say is that since I was 16, I have obviously realized the necessity to avoid being a consumer of the mass-produced, and spending my money outside of the community. Still, if I were to throw the shirt out on principle, that money would have been spent in vain. It's too late to do anything about it, so I may as well get every last cent's worth. If you ever want to have a chat with me about Urban Outfitters, I'll bring the coffee if you bring the snacks.
This is a smudge stick, just dried sage bundled together to be burned like incense. I got mine for cheap ($3.50) at The Wishing Realm.
I smudged my space for the first time tonight. A bundle of sage and a brain full of empowering thoughts and positive goals to cleanse and renew. Surely there are various ways to do this, but my process was to slowly follow the perimeter of my apartment while blowing on the sage and focusing deeply only on the smoke and my thoughts. This is the time in my life that I make good on the promises I make to myself. Negative feelings are only motivation to try harder. My energy will be devoted to being a better person, a better friend, a better family member, and a better member of my community. Say all you want about the hippie-dippie, crystal-humping stigma behind a practice like this, it is never a bad idea to take five minutes to focus on your priorities and goals. 

Besides, what can it hurt? 

And it smells good.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Slap

Winter got me. Those doldrums are here. Hopefully I can kick them tomorrow with a healthy dose of positive attitude and lots of greens and almonds. 

I'm working on a legit, relevant post full of substance. But until that happens, here are some photos. Blogging for the sake of blogging. Or at least, for the sake of not not-blogging. Get it?

Disclaimer: living alone without a tripod or camera remote makes taking photos of yourself reaaallll awkward. Evidence as follows:
Monday, Takin' a lean in the kitchen.
Top: Thrifted, $1.50
Dress: Thrifted and cropped shorter, $2.50
Belt: Thrifted, $.50
Earrings: Handmade by Rusty La Rue, $7.00 (available at White Rabbit!)
Leggings: Target, years ago, $5.00
Boots: Second-hand, FREE DOLLARS
Approximate Cost: $16.50
What did I do? I made delicious chili verde from scratch! One secret ingredient: a can of Hamm's beer. The rest are secret secret ingredients.
Tuesday, Muschi Cat pictured in the chair.
Top: Reconstructed out of two thrifted shirts and some elbow grease, $1.00 (two shirts for 50cents each)
Skirt: Thrifted, a longer skirt that is comfy enough to roll if I choose to wear it "mini"--an excellent way to get more use out of it, $2.00
Tights: Years old, $2.00ish
Socks: Target, $2.00
Boots: Thrifted cowboys as usual, FREE
Bow: A gift from Carissa at the peak of my bow days, years ago
Approximate Cost: $7.00
What did I do? Sang karaoke stone-cold-sober and altered 2 skirts to wear this week.
Bow & junk pile.
more bang trimming
SATURDAY DATE NIGHT. Note Jake's "before" hair, and his ability to align himself exactly in the two right squares.
Skee-ball! One of our favorite date night activities. And so cheap!
After. More to note: his wide stance and the denim shirt to match my own.
More date night. Jake prefers colored pencils (top), I prefer crayons (bottom).
Erin and I brought identical snacks to work. Nothing gives me an energy punch like a handful of almonds and an orange. $6.00 worth of natural almonds has lasted me nearly two weeks at a handful a day.
Our espresso machine leaked (where the dial is), so we hired Macgyver to rig up half a paper cup and some cardboard. Busted and beautiful!
PS: Happy day-late birthday to my loveliest, lovely Jessica. A birthday post will follow, featuring lots 'o ladies in jumpsuits.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beard-thday Boy

Last night marked the 28th birthday of a very good friend of mine, who has one of the fiercest and gnarliest beards around. In our beard-heavy friend circle, Josh is still in a league of his own. A moth flew out of it once. Seriously.
Josh (left) wore a ladies pant suit at the roller rink in honor of Jake's birthday.
Here is a small list detailing just some of the reasons I appreciate having Josh in my life:
  • He lets me cut his hair, even after I polish off a Joose
  • He always stays positive!
  • His hyperactivity always leads to lots of fun activities, like high jump contests inside the bar.
  • He loves everything, but he loves terrible movies just a little extra...for this Halloween, Josh dressed as Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's 2. 
  • Last Halloween, Josh dressed as Teen Wolf and barfed on his fur hands. CLASSIC!
  • He's a really, really smart engineer but never acts as superior as he probably should.
  • He can karaoke "Big Pimpin" flawlessly, which I cannot but so wish I could (and have tried and failed very, very harshly).
Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh!
    To celebrate, the party started at CiCi's Pizza Buffet for a kick-start of poor decisions, and then moved to Carissa's for a rousing game of drinking to Police Academy, another one of Josh's beloved terrible movies. I skipped CiCi's to play snow fairy and add a little birthday spirit to Carissa's yard.

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Shark Attack!

    Half of my week is spent working at the coffee shop in the hospital. It's about as glamorous as it seems, but the coffee we make is still high quality, and I love the people I am surrounded by there. My co-workers are wonderful enough to be tolerated and enjoyed side-by-side in a glorified closet, and most of the customers are a real hoot. Still, it can't be a surprise that I don't have a lot fundamentally in common with the middle-aged nurses that overwhelm our clientele.

    Here's an exchange I had with a very sweet customer as I pulled her some espresso, wearing my shark shirt:
    Customer: I like your shirt! Did you get it on vacation?
    Broke: Thank you! It's actually thrifted.
    Customer: What?
    Broke: Thrifted.
    Customer: Where is that?
    Broke: I got it from a thrift store.
    Customer: Oh.
    Broke: I sew, I bought it to cut the sharks out and applique them to other things, but I just can't stand to part the sharks from each other qiute yet.
    Customer: They'd look great on a pillow or bed spread. For a little boy.
    Broke: I'll probably put them on a dress.
    Customer: ..............Oh.

    Let's get it out of the way: I know this picture is ridiculous.
    I want so badly to write a personal essay on the hidden meaning behind this exchange, how strange it must seem to some people that a GIRL! in a PRETTY FLORAL SKIRT! would wear a shirt covered in SHARKS! and dare to sew them onto something so feminine as a dress. But I won't, because it seems so cliche and obvious. Chances are if you read this, we share similar views on gender roles. So write your own damn essay!

    Instead I'll tell you that this is an excellent example of how to remake your wardrobe for literally zero dollars. This t-shirt will stay in my rotation for as long as the magic lives, and then it will be transformed into something new and magical. For free! And there are so many sharks to use, I could probably create an entirely new, shark-based closet. Mmm hmm! (This also is a great way to extend the life of something dear but worn-out...simply cut out your favorite part(s) and reassign them to a newer t-shirt or skirt or bag or whatever you wish!)

    Shirt: Thrifted, $.50
    Skirt: Thrifted, $1.50
    Leggings and Socks: Target, $6.00 and $2.00 respectively
    Shoes: My beloved Justins, $4.38
    Hair: Streaks of blue visible in the photo for once! Done by the very talented Kelsey Smart at the Fix Salon
    Name tag: Required for work.
    Approximate Outfit Cost: $16.50

    So gender stereotypes, blah blah blah....After work I had a cafeteria dinner date with Jake (so romantic!), then went home to change out of my stinky attire for an evening of karaoke at Gatherings in the New Bo district. I'll close out with a few photo highlights:
    Handsomest EKG tech you ever did see.
    wa-POW! All I see is them legs and booty. Jessica sang Tina Turner at my request, Josh was her hype man.
    Carissa proves that brown and black can look good when it's on a foxy lady. Not pictured: her yellow "safety flannel"
    We spent a lot of time and energy taking glamour shots in these space dividers at Gatherings. Jake was a little uneasy and unbalanced, so we took a safety pose together. Black jeans, you are unflattering!
    The back of the hoodie pictured above. Gifted to me for my birthday by my boo. This is made of 55% organic cotton and 45% recycled polyester, which makes it so soft and responsible! You can get one for yourself at Leslie Hall's site.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Buying new

    Last week, I did something I rarely do. Something I am feeling oh so guilty about. While on a run to Target for various sundries*, I caved and bought the black jeans I wore today. They were on clearance! And they're (embarrassingly) the first pair of black jeans I have owned since I was probably 14. Why do I feel so much guilt? I try my hardest to keep my wardrobe as close to 100% second-hand as possible. This reduces supply, demand, and waste while encouraging clothing creativity. The thrift exceptions are undergarments and--apparently--jeans. My odd shape (smaller waist, extra hip, minimal leg) makes it nearly impossible to find thrifted pants. 95% is still making a pretty big dent in my little chunk of Iowa, I hope.

    Skirts and dresses are my defaults in the morning. They're comfortable, simple, and quick. It's a cop-out to dressing cute, really. Grab a pair of tights and a dress, and the hardest decision is what belt to wear. BAM! Lookin' cute. Good shirts are a tough find for me, my torso is freakishly long and creates belly-baring issues for a girl who is in no position to be belly-baring for multiple reasons. Most notably unprofessionalism and jiggly-ism. As a thrifter, it's difficult to find shirts long enough to meet my pant waistlines, but easy to find high-waisted skirts to compromise. Thus, a heart-on for skirts, and a disdain for pants. Today I put the effort into a jeans outfit, and the result is an ensemble significantly more expensive than usual.
    Why didn't I wear a loosened tie or scarf with this!?
    Top: Home-sewn bicycle knit tunic, thrifted $1.00
    Jacket: A button-up shirt from Old Navy that I've had for probably 5 years, $8-ish 
    Belt: Sash borrowed from a vintage summer dress
    Necklace: Owl face with blue rhinestone eyes, a gift from Carissa (notice a theme? She's probably the most generous and thoughtful lady I know!)
    Jeans: Target, $13.00
    Shoes: Saddle shoes from Payless, bought 3 years ago when the only places selling adult sizes were Payless and ebay (for $80!). This was years before Urban Outfitters started carrying them. $13.00
    Approximate Outfit Cost: $35
    Shirt detail: These different bike scenes are actually knit into the fabric for a charm that rarely exists in new clothing.
    *Please note that I favor shopping locally 100%! Unfortunately, Cedar Rapids lacks a small business general store to find sundries and the like. If you open one, I'll totally buy my conditioner from your shop!

    Everlasting Birthday

    Man, I have really perfected the art of the two-week birthday. Tonight was my final celebration, a delicious dinner at Cibo Fusion with my lovely Momma and boy. The most interesting thing I learned about my childhood tonight: Today, Cibo is in the old Denny's building. My mother and tiny tot Broke would frequently lunch at the Denny's to practice manners.  Napkins on the lap, "please," "thank you," and elbows off the table. I'm proud to report that Momma claims that, "apparently it worked." I'm polite! Excellent!

    Can I tell you that their mushroom risotto was definitely the best rice to ever meet my mouth? Oh, man. And their whole menu is covered in my favorite flavors: olives, feta, cucumbers, hummus....MMMediterranean! I definitely practiced my manners tonight, but it is certainly no longer a Denny's.
    Should'a worn my saddle shoes, for extra German Boarding School Student effect.
    Jumper: Reconstructed long-pant overalls, $1.00 from Salvation Army...I'm going to shorten it another couple inches so it's more flattering
    Tee: Target, $2.00 on clearance rack
    Necklace: Gift from Carissa, made from a found key from Jake and other wonderful trinkets
    Tights: A thousand years old, stained and ripped
    Socks: Target, $2.00
    Boots: Second-hand, FREE
    Bangs: Perfectly, purposefully asymmetrical (trimmed myself yesterday)
    Total Outfit Cost: Approximately $5.00
    Don't you always want to feel like Stevie feels here?
    Carissa helped extend my birthday by adding to my wooden placard collection. She handed it to me with a, "I don't even know if you like Stevie Wonder, but I thought it seemed like you should have it." Girrrl, I love Stevie Wonder! Life is so so good when your friends "get" you.  The confetti border reminds me an awful lot of the amazing Photoshopping Carissa did in this post. (Side note: she also challenges me to a Best of Maid Rite duel!)
    Bathroom collection, dedicated to kittens, unicorns, and Jesus. And Wal-Mart family photos.
    Today ended at craft night in the loveliest Liz's apartment. Her place is adorable, with tons of thrifted and found objects, lots of books, thick cats, and beautiful crafty women. I worked on some crochet necklaces-- Carissa-style--that all either turned out like tiny hammocks or hemp necklaces minus the wooden beads. Oh well. Let me know if you need a hammock for your next Miller High Life 40oz.
    Carissa, crochet necklacing.
    Oh, pretty ladiiiiiiies! Liz worked on a meticulously ribbed cowl, and Jessica worked on math homework (the most impressive craft of the evening!)
    Deuce, one of the "thick cats," playing hide & go seek.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Stir crazy!

    This was originally a dress--thrifted AVON(!) brand--that I hemmed up with lace to be a tunic-style shirt. Something about it is off. Is it the sleeves? Does it need a cinched waist? Lace over the chest? Can you put your finger on it? I cannnnn't!
    Excuse the shoegazing, I was sparing ya'll from my grease face. I wore this at work today. This top, black jeans & cowboy boots, greasy hair, and sleepy eyes. Still feeling a bit crummy. Getting to work at 6am is rough, especially when mother nature surprises you with a couple inches of snow on your car. I get it, Winter. You've made your point. Now hush up and let your buddy Spring do some talkin'.

    Sweats went on as soon as I got home from work, and some serious couch loafing happened. PBS is such good daytime T.V....but even Lidia's Italy wasn't enough to keep the stir crazies at bay. After a couple hours, I strapped on some boots and set outside to decorate the snow. VOILA:
    Just a little food coloring and water in a spraybottle.

    Happy MLK Jr Day! Remember to thank Dr. King by being excellent to one another.

    Sunday, January 16, 2011


    I got hit with a double anti-blogging whammy the past few days. Feeling crummy and losing our internet connection. Psh.

    I've been...
    Eating delicious gnocchi handmade by Jake, paired with marinara I made this summer with my CSA veggies

    Doing my body a favor and avoiding fried things and red meat after a two-week Birthday Food Extravaganza

    Drinking a couple of whiskeys with my buddies at the Irish Democrat, and eating the lettuce off a friend's burger to avoid eating their AMAZING cheese wontons...I still ate two...which is better than 3 or 4 or 6...

    Making my share of coffee, espresso, and awkward moments (sometimes simultaneously)

    Tap dancing, running in place, doing sit-ups, and stretching in my living room to work up a sweat...I hear you calling, spring skirts!
    Wearing these cat socks made of bamboo, a birthday gift from my dad. I love how the eyes peek out from the tops of my Justins!
    Playing with glowsticks to "Sandstorm" for longer than is probably acceptable for not being on hallucinogens.

    Wriggling around in all that foam with all those fools. In someone's dining room.
    Wearing a thrifted summer cover-up tank, and doing some foam-inspired dance moves, The birthday boy made his own foam machine out of a trash can and shop vac!
    Just hangin' out with Jake and Sushi Cat

    Practicing (busted) keytar