Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day Off

As a barista at the most delicious and cozy shop in the area, I'm fortunate enough to wear what I want (without looking like a floozy) and listen to what I want (minus "bitch & ho" lyrics). I exercise my right to dress cute (almost) every day, and exercise my short-skirt rights heavily on the weekends.

Today was a glorious, glorious mid-week day off. So today, I flex my lazy clothes muscles. Stained shirts, ripped jeans, greasy get the idea. Days off also include anything white and shoes that are still in that initial stage of preciousness--I am way too clumsy to wear these things without getting them covered in espresso.

Lazy Day Dressin'
I reconstructed this shirt from a thrifted long-sleeve turtle neck. This is a very simple DIY project that gets tons of compliments! It's the perfect length, perfect floral and  so so soft. Simply cut an old shirt to your desired shape and hem the sleeves and neckline with thrifted lace. Voila! I paired it with a snuggly cardigan today, battling the frigid Iowa snow.

This hat is the envy of all other winter hats in Cedar Rapids. Thrifted for a whole 25 CENTS, it is the perfect level of slouchiness and blue--and hand crocheted by someone with more patience than myself. When I reported that a knit hat had been snatched when someone threw a brick into my car window in December, most of the condolences that came my way were about this blue hat--luckily the guilty party had only stolen a much less adorable red cap.

Lazy day shoes, both too white and too precious to cover in work scum. My boo does a good job of keeping my Ked-style shoe collection up to snuff. These are actually thrifted Margaritaville brand (notice the parrot!?). A big thanks to Jimmy Buffet!

 I spent today doing various responsible things: a trip to the bank, a wash of my hair (my dry dry hair begs me to shampoo just once or twice a week), a little bit of exercise, a smidge of cat maintenance. The crew ladies have been candid enough to share their winter goals this season, a means of avoiding cold weather hermitage and doldrums. Recently, we revisited our goals for encouragement and accountability. I'm about half and half with my successes and not-so-successes. My biggest triumph has been maintaining a clean apartment, which allowed me such a carefree, lazy day. Future Broke thanks Past Broke for not having that constant, "I should be cleaning" nag.

Exercising has been one of my to-date goal failures, so I took my carefree day off to get started! I chose to do a little jazzercise to the DVD I received when preparing to be a stand-in Ly for Leslie Hall's performance at ISU's VEISHEA festival in Spring of 2010. It's a free, fun, & hefty work-out, and now I'll be prepared at a moment's notice for when I hear Mother Gem's call to the stage again. It's too cold for outdoor exercise and I'm too poor for a gym membership; can you suggest any fun, free exercises I can do in my tiny apartment?

Backin' up to Tuesday
Dress: Thrifted and re-hemmed to the perfect length, $2.50
Belt: Thrifted $.25
Pin: Patch purchased at What a Load of Craft, made by Nemesis Tattoos in Iowa City. $3.50
Shoes: Cowboy boots, thrifted brand new! FREE
Socks: Bought new from who-knows-where a million years ago, worn for a little pop of color
Approximate Outfit Cost: $7.00
Dress detail: back buttons
Dress detail: True color. Pin detail: This was actually tattooed onto authentic skin substitute! I hot-glued a pin back so I can wear it whenever I choose.
Amazing belt detail

More amazing belt detail

Tonight, I'm showing Jake the magic of the Marion Maid Rite for the first time. If you're ever in the Cedar Rapids area and are hankerin' for some loose meat or onion rings, you've gotta try the best Maid Rite there is, complete with greazy walls and charming, uncohesive decor!

PS- I realize I am kind of bad at this whole photo-layout business. Sorrrrry.

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  1. May I say that I just LOVE your Ked-style shoe collection!! Your Boo does an amazing and I thank him for that. Please tell him to continue his wonderful ways and I just love your sneaker collection, so cute!!!