Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smudging the Awkwards

"Even though you got part of it at Urban Outfitters, your outfit was ROCKIN'! -B (the other one)" Note left on my apartment door by my co-worker, house-mate, and buddy Brandon. He is oh-so-sweet and terribly handsome, ladies! I cannot for the life of me get this to publish the right I'll have to try again later.
I cleaned the eff out of my kitchen tonight. Tackled the avoided recycling pile, moved things and scrubbed off the who-knows-what-it-was sludge underneath them, and soaked my stove grates in All Natural Borax. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to beat those winter doldrums--the doldrums that manifest as a serious case of the awkwards. Completing tasks that show immediate results is my number one combatant against a bad case of bummers. Next time you feel down, I challenge you to clean or organize something. Pick a small, easily accomplished task like a load of dishes or scrubbing your tub. Organize the pile that's on top of your coffee table. Don't bite off more than you can chew for the time you have, nor choose something that will discourage you halfway through (some cleaning projects seem to get worse before they get better, like organizing a closet). SEE? Doesn't that feel better?
Frolicking/acting a fool in my freshly cleaned kitchen. That weird bump on my hip is from the pocket.
Top: Urban Outfitters, bought in San Francisco when I was 16, $12.00
Skirt: Grey corduroy, thrifted and rehemmed and shaped, $2.00
Belt: Borrowed from another dress
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Socks: Christmas gift from the boy's momma
Necklace: Gift from Carissa of Luxe Debris
Shoes: Justin's, $4.38
Approximate Total: $22.00
I've got a lot to say about the place I bought this shirt ten years ago. This isn't the place to say it (if for no reason than to avoid libel). What I will say is that since I was 16, I have obviously realized the necessity to avoid being a consumer of the mass-produced, and spending my money outside of the community. Still, if I were to throw the shirt out on principle, that money would have been spent in vain. It's too late to do anything about it, so I may as well get every last cent's worth. If you ever want to have a chat with me about Urban Outfitters, I'll bring the coffee if you bring the snacks.
This is a smudge stick, just dried sage bundled together to be burned like incense. I got mine for cheap ($3.50) at The Wishing Realm.
I smudged my space for the first time tonight. A bundle of sage and a brain full of empowering thoughts and positive goals to cleanse and renew. Surely there are various ways to do this, but my process was to slowly follow the perimeter of my apartment while blowing on the sage and focusing deeply only on the smoke and my thoughts. This is the time in my life that I make good on the promises I make to myself. Negative feelings are only motivation to try harder. My energy will be devoted to being a better person, a better friend, a better family member, and a better member of my community. Say all you want about the hippie-dippie, crystal-humping stigma behind a practice like this, it is never a bad idea to take five minutes to focus on your priorities and goals. 

Besides, what can it hurt? 

And it smells good.

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