Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buying new

Last week, I did something I rarely do. Something I am feeling oh so guilty about. While on a run to Target for various sundries*, I caved and bought the black jeans I wore today. They were on clearance! And they're (embarrassingly) the first pair of black jeans I have owned since I was probably 14. Why do I feel so much guilt? I try my hardest to keep my wardrobe as close to 100% second-hand as possible. This reduces supply, demand, and waste while encouraging clothing creativity. The thrift exceptions are undergarments and--apparently--jeans. My odd shape (smaller waist, extra hip, minimal leg) makes it nearly impossible to find thrifted pants. 95% is still making a pretty big dent in my little chunk of Iowa, I hope.

Skirts and dresses are my defaults in the morning. They're comfortable, simple, and quick. It's a cop-out to dressing cute, really. Grab a pair of tights and a dress, and the hardest decision is what belt to wear. BAM! Lookin' cute. Good shirts are a tough find for me, my torso is freakishly long and creates belly-baring issues for a girl who is in no position to be belly-baring for multiple reasons. Most notably unprofessionalism and jiggly-ism. As a thrifter, it's difficult to find shirts long enough to meet my pant waistlines, but easy to find high-waisted skirts to compromise. Thus, a heart-on for skirts, and a disdain for pants. Today I put the effort into a jeans outfit, and the result is an ensemble significantly more expensive than usual.
Why didn't I wear a loosened tie or scarf with this!?
Top: Home-sewn bicycle knit tunic, thrifted $1.00
Jacket: A button-up shirt from Old Navy that I've had for probably 5 years, $8-ish 
Belt: Sash borrowed from a vintage summer dress
Necklace: Owl face with blue rhinestone eyes, a gift from Carissa (notice a theme? She's probably the most generous and thoughtful lady I know!)
Jeans: Target, $13.00
Shoes: Saddle shoes from Payless, bought 3 years ago when the only places selling adult sizes were Payless and ebay (for $80!). This was years before Urban Outfitters started carrying them. $13.00
Approximate Outfit Cost: $35
Shirt detail: These different bike scenes are actually knit into the fabric for a charm that rarely exists in new clothing.
*Please note that I favor shopping locally 100%! Unfortunately, Cedar Rapids lacks a small business general store to find sundries and the like. If you open one, I'll totally buy my conditioner from your shop!

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging!
    How about some thoughts on the joys of hand-me-downs for both the giver and recipient?