Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tornado, an Introduction

Non sequitur: a wallet-sized photo we found beneath the glass at the Maid Rite last night. You gotta wonder: Are these people serious? Or hilarious?

Back in college, my buddies had a nickname for me. The Tornado.

Admittedly, it's pretty appropriate. As an only child, I've learned to live quietly within my own mind and am pretty disconnected with my surroundings. I don't notice slippery puddles or that giant thing in my way until it is too late and I am bruised or something is broken.

Oh well.
Workin' today, dressin' cute: blue v-neck, green vintage skirt that I restructured and appliqued (an aztec printed pocket), some tights and my Justins. WHOOPS, the Tornado was loose and I spilled an entire 16 ounces of steamed soy milk onto the skirt and boots.

Luckily boyfriend swooped in and brought me a pair of jeans and dry socks. This, THIS! is why white and fancy shoes are not allowed!
So instead of an outfit post, I'll share with you the earrings I wore today. These are leather, handcrafted by one of those Tornado-era college buddies. I love them so much I bought two pairs, and get at least 3 compliments every time I wear them. A round of applause for Emily at Rusty La Rue! You can find them for yourself at White Rabbit in Iowa City.

Dinner tonight was a belated birthday celebration with my dad at a classic-style supper club outside of Cedar Rapids, The Ced-Rel. Check out their website to see their old-timey motel aesthetics. I had mussels, tons of red wine, and a steak...boy, am I full'a meat! Time to cut back on the beef and wind down with a little Rack-O with the guy, a generous birthday gift from my amazing dad.

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  1. Bummer on the milk spillage- congrats on an excellent boyfriend !