Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got hit with a double anti-blogging whammy the past few days. Feeling crummy and losing our internet connection. Psh.

I've been...
Eating delicious gnocchi handmade by Jake, paired with marinara I made this summer with my CSA veggies

Doing my body a favor and avoiding fried things and red meat after a two-week Birthday Food Extravaganza

Drinking a couple of whiskeys with my buddies at the Irish Democrat, and eating the lettuce off a friend's burger to avoid eating their AMAZING cheese wontons...I still ate two...which is better than 3 or 4 or 6...

Making my share of coffee, espresso, and awkward moments (sometimes simultaneously)

Tap dancing, running in place, doing sit-ups, and stretching in my living room to work up a sweat...I hear you calling, spring skirts!
Wearing these cat socks made of bamboo, a birthday gift from my dad. I love how the eyes peek out from the tops of my Justins!
Playing with glowsticks to "Sandstorm" for longer than is probably acceptable for not being on hallucinogens.

Wriggling around in all that foam with all those fools. In someone's dining room.
Wearing a thrifted summer cover-up tank, and doing some foam-inspired dance moves, The birthday boy made his own foam machine out of a trash can and shop vac!
Just hangin' out with Jake and Sushi Cat

Practicing (busted) keytar

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