Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beard-thday Boy

Last night marked the 28th birthday of a very good friend of mine, who has one of the fiercest and gnarliest beards around. In our beard-heavy friend circle, Josh is still in a league of his own. A moth flew out of it once. Seriously.
Josh (left) wore a ladies pant suit at the roller rink in honor of Jake's birthday.
Here is a small list detailing just some of the reasons I appreciate having Josh in my life:
  • He lets me cut his hair, even after I polish off a Joose
  • He always stays positive!
  • His hyperactivity always leads to lots of fun activities, like high jump contests inside the bar.
  • He loves everything, but he loves terrible movies just a little extra...for this Halloween, Josh dressed as Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's 2. 
  • Last Halloween, Josh dressed as Teen Wolf and barfed on his fur hands. CLASSIC!
  • He's a really, really smart engineer but never acts as superior as he probably should.
  • He can karaoke "Big Pimpin" flawlessly, which I cannot but so wish I could (and have tried and failed very, very harshly).
Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh! Josh!
    To celebrate, the party started at CiCi's Pizza Buffet for a kick-start of poor decisions, and then moved to Carissa's for a rousing game of drinking to Police Academy, another one of Josh's beloved terrible movies. I skipped CiCi's to play snow fairy and add a little birthday spirit to Carissa's yard.
    Step 1: Use an old laminated sign and mark your design out. Using something laminated is necessary as both your canvas and medium for this project are wet. Any time my shop is finished with something laminated, I keep it. They're great for stencils and make excellent disposable dust pans if you have to collect something grody.
    Step 2: Use an Exact-O knife and cutting board to cut around the outline of your design.
    Step 2: Stencil complete!
    My army of spray bottles.
     My gift to Josh, beyond the snow art, was a pair of khakis cargo shorts altered to have cat pockets. CAT POCKETS! This was not only a huge gift success, but incredibly affordable. The shorts were gifted to Jake brand new by a coworker, and the cat fabric is out of Carissa's piles.
    In progress. After I removed the side pockets with a seam ripper, I used the old pocket panel as a template. A zig-zag stitch makes sure the pocket will hold all the trash Josh desires (which is a lot).
    Carissa and Ramona nailed the birthday train this week too. Here is a sad old clown painting made new again with glasses and fur beard for Josh. They also gifted 5 mountain shirts with dragons and dolphins to seduce his old lady all over again, and pixie stix and a slide whistle to drive her absolutely crazy.

    Happy birthday Josh! We're really glad you're here.


    1. yay!
      p.s. just showed this to J...hey J, " teary eyed, huh?" he loved it.
      blog success B!