Monday, January 17, 2011

Stir crazy!

This was originally a dress--thrifted AVON(!) brand--that I hemmed up with lace to be a tunic-style shirt. Something about it is off. Is it the sleeves? Does it need a cinched waist? Lace over the chest? Can you put your finger on it? I cannnnn't!
Excuse the shoegazing, I was sparing ya'll from my grease face. I wore this at work today. This top, black jeans & cowboy boots, greasy hair, and sleepy eyes. Still feeling a bit crummy. Getting to work at 6am is rough, especially when mother nature surprises you with a couple inches of snow on your car. I get it, Winter. You've made your point. Now hush up and let your buddy Spring do some talkin'.

Sweats went on as soon as I got home from work, and some serious couch loafing happened. PBS is such good daytime T.V....but even Lidia's Italy wasn't enough to keep the stir crazies at bay. After a couple hours, I strapped on some boots and set outside to decorate the snow. VOILA:
Just a little food coloring and water in a spraybottle.

Happy MLK Jr Day! Remember to thank Dr. King by being excellent to one another.


  1. Wow! That snow coloring is amazing!!!! I have never seen that. You literally made rainbows today. I think that while the diagonal across the boobs on that top is cute, I think it is the off part. I think adding a lace bib will keep the idea there, but will make your boobs seem the same size again...xo

  2. Whooooa I love it! Maybe... just maybe... this could be made into a BIGGER public art project..?

  3. this is ridiculous and amazing.

  4. Good Job B! Love it! Mona is right about the is really cute though already!

  5. I vote to turn it into a crop top.