Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everlasting Birthday

Man, I have really perfected the art of the two-week birthday. Tonight was my final celebration, a delicious dinner at Cibo Fusion with my lovely Momma and boy. The most interesting thing I learned about my childhood tonight: Today, Cibo is in the old Denny's building. My mother and tiny tot Broke would frequently lunch at the Denny's to practice manners.  Napkins on the lap, "please," "thank you," and elbows off the table. I'm proud to report that Momma claims that, "apparently it worked." I'm polite! Excellent!

Can I tell you that their mushroom risotto was definitely the best rice to ever meet my mouth? Oh, man. And their whole menu is covered in my favorite flavors: olives, feta, cucumbers, hummus....MMMediterranean! I definitely practiced my manners tonight, but it is certainly no longer a Denny's.
Should'a worn my saddle shoes, for extra German Boarding School Student effect.
Jumper: Reconstructed long-pant overalls, $1.00 from Salvation Army...I'm going to shorten it another couple inches so it's more flattering
Tee: Target, $2.00 on clearance rack
Necklace: Gift from Carissa, made from a found key from Jake and other wonderful trinkets
Tights: A thousand years old, stained and ripped
Socks: Target, $2.00
Boots: Second-hand, FREE
Bangs: Perfectly, purposefully asymmetrical (trimmed myself yesterday)
Total Outfit Cost: Approximately $5.00
Don't you always want to feel like Stevie feels here?
Carissa helped extend my birthday by adding to my wooden placard collection. She handed it to me with a, "I don't even know if you like Stevie Wonder, but I thought it seemed like you should have it." Girrrl, I love Stevie Wonder! Life is so so good when your friends "get" you.  The confetti border reminds me an awful lot of the amazing Photoshopping Carissa did in this post. (Side note: she also challenges me to a Best of Maid Rite duel!)
Bathroom collection, dedicated to kittens, unicorns, and Jesus. And Wal-Mart family photos.
Today ended at craft night in the loveliest Liz's apartment. Her place is adorable, with tons of thrifted and found objects, lots of books, thick cats, and beautiful crafty women. I worked on some crochet necklaces-- Carissa-style--that all either turned out like tiny hammocks or hemp necklaces minus the wooden beads. Oh well. Let me know if you need a hammock for your next Miller High Life 40oz.
Carissa, crochet necklacing.
Oh, pretty ladiiiiiiies! Liz worked on a meticulously ribbed cowl, and Jessica worked on math homework (the most impressive craft of the evening!)
Deuce, one of the "thick cats," playing hide & go seek.

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