Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Another Day

Outfit January 27th
Top: Long dress cut, thrifted. Summer, I am begging you to return to so I can wear this without a sweater! $3.00
Cardigan: Target from a million years ago, $7.00
Belt: Tie borrowed from thrifted dress
Jeans: Target two years ago, $15.00
Shoes: Thrifted booties, nearly the exact replicas of a pair of Tom's I wanted for Christmas but were sold out, $4.38
Necklace: Crochet experiment done by myself
Approximate Total: $30.00

After work today, I went thrifting. Three dresses, a pair of shoes, a macrame wall hanging, a mug, a giant aztec print hair bow, and vintage coffee carafe for under $25.00. SUCCESSFUL! I also ventured to Dick's Sporting Goods (ugh) in search of the elusive CO2 chargers I need for my seltzer bottle.  UNSUCCESSFUL! And miserable.
Sushi Cat claiming my newest thrift acquisitions.

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