Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crew Year, New Age

Crew Year's Eve 2011
An attractive bunch in an attractive home, right?
Dress: Thrifted show choir costume, with hand-cut sweetheart neckline for a rare cleav peak, $5.38
Tiny Hat: A gift from the party's hosts
Shoes: Hand-me-downs from a very generous purger (a hoarder's dream friend)
Hair: One night's uncomfortable sleep in foam rollers
Not pictured: Red all-over-sequined bolero, an old Leslie & the Ly's costume gifted to me by lead Ly, Ramona
Total outfit cost: Approx. $5.38

I am blessed and cursed with a birthday almost immediately after the first of the year. By the time the big day passes, I'm inevitably cranky and exhausted by the holidays (which, to be frank, I am not especially fond of). Still, with each new year and age I feel a sense of relief that I've survived the last 365 days and am ready to focus on what's next.

First things first: new blog!

I've been inspired and encouraged to follow in the footsteps of my bloggy buddy predecessors (and real-life super friends!), Ramona and Carissa.

My birthday, legit.

Top: Thrifted, $2.38
Sweater: Thrifted, men's Docker's cardigan I originally bought for an ex-boyfriend but happily kept when he rejected it (jerk), $1.00
Belt: Belted (Gold, silver, and bronze braided makes it soooo versatile!) $.50
Skirt: Thrifted $1.50
Tights and Socks: Target and a Christmas gift from my guy's momma...the only non-thrifted items in the outfit.
Shoes: Thrifted and perfectly worn-in Justins. My very favorite pair, which earned me my tour nickname, BOOTS. $4.38
Approx. Outfit Total: $10.00

I love activities, so we organized an old-fashioned ice skating birthday party at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. My buddies don't fool around when it comes to dressing appropriately for any given activity. Here's Jessica in my favorite skating outfit of the night, looking graceful.
Vaclav was a great sport and came skating with us for the first time ever.

 Birthday Outfit, age 26 
Top: Christmas gift from Carissa, one of many many items in a huge box of very perfect things. The print is many creepy pink cat/chupacabras.
Belt: Thirfted, elastic gold scaled. $.50
Skirt: Thrifted that day! A new item to add to my square-dancing collection. $1.75
Cardigan: Thrifted, worn for warmth. $2.50
Shoes: Pictured below, brown leather Peter Pan booties also thrifted that day. $4 is so worth it for their buttery leather and they're totally mint!
Approx. Outfit Total: $8.75

 Here, my perma-boo and I are doing the traditional birthday slow dance to Beck's "Debra." I like to make him spin and dip me while I sing the silly lyrics at him. We're looking very 50's Country Western here, no? The boo, Jake, is wearing my favorite pair of thrifted Lee jeans, a Wrangler pearly-button-up, his favorite USA belt buckle (RIP!), and stained rubber boots (his winter staple).

Thanks for a wonderful, wonderful 26th, everyone. This lady is a lucky one.

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