Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Slap

Winter got me. Those doldrums are here. Hopefully I can kick them tomorrow with a healthy dose of positive attitude and lots of greens and almonds. 

I'm working on a legit, relevant post full of substance. But until that happens, here are some photos. Blogging for the sake of blogging. Or at least, for the sake of not not-blogging. Get it?

Disclaimer: living alone without a tripod or camera remote makes taking photos of yourself reaaallll awkward. Evidence as follows:
Monday, Takin' a lean in the kitchen.
Top: Thrifted, $1.50
Dress: Thrifted and cropped shorter, $2.50
Belt: Thrifted, $.50
Earrings: Handmade by Rusty La Rue, $7.00 (available at White Rabbit!)
Leggings: Target, years ago, $5.00
Boots: Second-hand, FREE DOLLARS
Approximate Cost: $16.50
What did I do? I made delicious chili verde from scratch! One secret ingredient: a can of Hamm's beer. The rest are secret secret ingredients.
Tuesday, Muschi Cat pictured in the chair.
Top: Reconstructed out of two thrifted shirts and some elbow grease, $1.00 (two shirts for 50cents each)
Skirt: Thrifted, a longer skirt that is comfy enough to roll if I choose to wear it "mini"--an excellent way to get more use out of it, $2.00
Tights: Years old, $2.00ish
Socks: Target, $2.00
Boots: Thrifted cowboys as usual, FREE
Bow: A gift from Carissa at the peak of my bow days, years ago
Approximate Cost: $7.00
What did I do? Sang karaoke stone-cold-sober and altered 2 skirts to wear this week.
Bow & junk pile.
more bang trimming
SATURDAY DATE NIGHT. Note Jake's "before" hair, and his ability to align himself exactly in the two right squares.
Skee-ball! One of our favorite date night activities. And so cheap!
After. More to note: his wide stance and the denim shirt to match my own.
More date night. Jake prefers colored pencils (top), I prefer crayons (bottom).
Erin and I brought identical snacks to work. Nothing gives me an energy punch like a handful of almonds and an orange. $6.00 worth of natural almonds has lasted me nearly two weeks at a handful a day.
Our espresso machine leaked (where the dial is), so we hired Macgyver to rig up half a paper cup and some cardboard. Busted and beautiful!
PS: Happy day-late birthday to my loveliest, lovely Jessica. A birthday post will follow, featuring lots 'o ladies in jumpsuits.

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  1. Good photos Brookee. I love the one you took of yourself! Can't wait for the jumper post. xo