Sunday, January 30, 2011

HOT Mess of a Jess

This weekend was exceptionally good to me! I had a day off on Friday, and the sun was shining bright. Nothing motivates me better than a good dose of sunshine. After sleeping in, I tackled chores at a leisurely, day-off pace. Recycling was driven to the local center, I kept the sewing machine busy, tidied up...I find the more responsible and adult I act, the more I enjoy my free time. Doing dishes and vacuuming makes me happy!? That's messed up.

I rewarded myself for a day off well-done with food and friends at my "comfort restaurant," the Tic Toc, way too much candy, and a movie with Jake (who spent 4.5 hours fixing my car's shocks in my mom's garage...I guess having a car savvy boyfriend is a money saving tip...). We watched Easy A, which was significantly better than the average high school romantic comedy while still being a kind-of average high school romantic comedy.
Friday's outfit. Outtake photo face chosen for your pleasure.
Top:  Originally Old Navy (purchased about 4 years ago), appliqued to cover some holes and stains, $7.00
Skirt: Thrifted, cut, and re-hemmed. This was my first-ever experiment with using binding to finish off a hem. $2.00
Belt: Borrowed from a thrifted, gifted dress
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Shoes: Not pictured, I wore white leather, high-top Keds, thrifted, $4.38
Approximate Total: $17.00 
Blue and purple placed so daintily in my hair by Kelsey at the Fix Salon here in Cedar Rapids. Kelsey uses Goldwell color (ammonia free and gentle on your hair) and has a real kack for putting in fun colors without making you look too "Hot Topic." I love it!
Saturday evening was devoted to Jessica, whose birthday falls right in the middle of the birth-dense month of January. Jessica has been a friend of mine for a couple years now, and an especially good friend recently. She is someone who grows more admirable every day, realizing and chasing her potential with serious momentum. Jess has her fingers deep in some of my favorite issues: the locavore movement, feminism, and general compassion for our people, our world, and all of its living things. Published and on a lecture circuit one day, I can't wait to be the friend giggling in the audience because I know why she army crawled that one time or how she makes use of the sports mode on her camera. Still, I will buy 100 copies of her book and make her sign every single one...and I won't even sell them on ebay. 

What a gal. Let's add the fact that she is one of the most classically beautiful people I've ever met, can sing like a diva, and has next to no shame. She's a keeper!
The birthday girl wearing her gift from Ramona to one of our favorite karaoke bars.
My own romper, worn in Jess' honor.
Romper: Vintage dress altered into a one-piece that fits my torso, $4.00
Belt: Thrifted, $1.00
Tights: Betsy Johnson, $3.00
Shoes: Black cowboy boots, free dollars
Earring: Single gold chain with heart, made from upcycled materials, $.50
Approximate Outfit Total: $8.50
I made this earring out of two old necklaces and a earring hook. I wanted an earring that dangled longer than my hair. I love it!
Mona wore this "expensive" thrifted gem ($7.00 in Canada) to her Roller Derby Black & Blue Ball, then met up with us. This girl looks better in stretch velvet than should be legal.
 Jessica began a new tradition this year of making a birthday speech addressed to each of her friends individually, detailing her feelings for us and making us generally emotional. If you plan on getting married, I suggest you rent Jessica to be your maid of honor--the girl was built for giving sappy speeches. She'll look great in your photos, too.

I have to say, though, there was one thing (and just one thing!) lacking from Jessica's speech addressed to me. Fortunately a neighbor strolling by as I unloaded groceries today picked up her slack.

"Girl, you have an ass that shows the sunshine!" And then he bid me a good day and went along his merry way, happy just to share a compliment with a stranger.

It was a really good weekend.

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  1. You say such lovely things about people that makes me feel all glittery inside. Great job on the earring and dat ass.