Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweata Weatha

Jake did this to me. It's the snow's fault.
We, along with most of our country, got our share of snow this week. The local FOX news has been referring to it as the "Brutal Blizzard of 2011" to the point that they will not say "blizzard" without preceding it by "brutal." Typical. Really, life has been slowed down nicely with all of this snow around. The coffee gods granted me a legit snow day on Wednesday! I've been spending time cooking and crafting, and basically doing every kind of cozy nesting activity I can think of. I've only gotten my car stuck twice, impressive when you consider it's my little Mitsubishi up against 4 ft snow walls.

Thursday's Outfit
Sweater: Birthday gift from Carissa last year, described as "Brooke in sweater form"
Earrings: Also a gift from Carissa, for Christmas 2010 (made by her! she is amazing!)
Skirt: Thrifted, $2.00
Tights and Socks: Christmas and birthday gifts
Shoes: Justins (I swear I wear other shoes sometimes, but there's a reason they call me "Boots") $4.38
Approximate Outfit Total: $ 6.38
Charlie and I sharing a sweeter sweater moment. Painting by the talented Vaclav.
Charlie (a new SPECTACULAR, good-time-lovin, and oh-so-adorable co-worker) suggested we have a silly sweater shift together. I grabbed the sweater on top of the pile, but immediately regretted my choice when I saw Charlie's. Shoulda worn this:

Photo borrowed from Ramona at Patterned Piles
Have a good Friday! I'm cooking my mom a belated birthday dinner, then hosting buddies for a snuggly night of wine, music videos, and possibly some valentine making. Look for a post about re-usable household items SOON. 

An out-take for you. I haven't quite worked out the timing on my camera's timer.

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  1. Hahaha. love love love the sweater photo. I can't really believe Charlie is workin one of those too. PRECIOUS.