Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Roundup

The week-end, in photos:
Part of the BREAD NIGHT spread. Eating bread while listening to Bread. In the dinner & music party queue: Spoon, Cream, and the Platters. Any more suggestions?
More bread, situated below my favorite painting of Vaclav's, The Party. He brought WWII bread and some absolutely amazing Bullet bourbon. I can't bake, so I made a goat cheese and caramelized onion/balsamic spread, as well as an olive, garlic, and caper organic compound butter.
About 1/3 of the Bread Night attendees. We had cozy couch chatty times, drew all over the chalk board (which naturally turned hilariously uncouth), and took turns going into bread comas.
Following Bread Night we played a couple of parlor games at another location. And this happened.
Jake's cat spend a solid five minutes doing this, totally still. Literally five minutes. And "literally" in its proper usage here, babies.
We saw CEDAR RAPIDS, the movie. Seen in Cedar Rapids, the town. The movie was cute, but frankly it could have easily been set in any mid-sized Midwestern city. The shots of Cedar Rapids were hilarious (a park and swing set superimposed across the river from Quaker Oats, for example), and there was the occasional reference that only Cedar Rapidians would get. Overall, it was funny and sweet, but it will have much less bearing on our city than Fargo did on theirs.
    Saturday night outfit
    Shirt: Gifted that day by Carissa. The shirt reads, "Night Burglar" in a script font. Who doesn't love 'coons!?
    Sweater: A million years old, and hand-embellished on a whim years ago, $5.00
    Necklaces: Weasel pendant from Carissa, flower in resin from my Great Aunt Marlene's estate, vintage guilded talon, $.50
    Pants: Not pictured, bright green jeans, $8.00
    Shoes: Not pictured, purple lace-ups from Tom's shoes, Christmas gift.
    Approximate total: $13.50

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