Sunday, February 13, 2011


All that PROM! build-up totally paid off!
FRIENS! That was totally my fault.
The highlights:
Over 40 people came!
No one broke anything or barfed anywhere!
Everyone danced! And sang!
My friends are terribly handsome and clean up well!
Lots of new friendships!
Pretty and weird. The best kind of people.
We were able to throw this prom for VERY little money. We can thank that to craftiness and friendliness. Being nice to people is cool to do and occasionally has its financial pay-offs. After being loyal patrons to our karaoke master, Mike at Crowne Karaoke, he volunteered to run the music at our prom for FREE! His newest karaoke venue, Gatherings, offered up their beautiful restaurant/rental space for payment merely in smiles. We returned the favor by cleaning up their space afterward and putting out tip jars for everyone.
Mike, our karaoke guy of over three years, second from the right
Tom, the owner of Gatherings (top, second from right) and Tina, our long-time friend and all-time favorite bartender (front, center).
Pair that with decorations that cost less than $40, and the event cost us organizers less than $10 each to put together. BAM!
Instead of buying $2 weights for the $1 balloons, Carissa tied them to cassettes she had around the house. It reduced the balloon bundle price by 2/3 and was much, much more inline with our prom's concept. Bonus: the NKOTB and Ted Nugent tapes made excellent conversation starters.
All of the photo booth pictures are courtesy of Liz, who graciously volunteered her equipment and expertise for the evening. Check out the whole set here.
This is Liz. She's nice and nice to look at. I'm so glad to know her.
After the cut follows more of my favorite photos

Those paper flower cut-outs were found lying around in a craft pile. They made perfect instant corsages and boutonnieres.
You'll come next year, right?

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