Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Classic Carissa, Pt. 1: Sappiness

Whoa whoa whoa.

What a weekend. 

Carissa's birthday was celebrated for four days of non-stop good times. There will be pictures soon, but first I need to wrap my brain around normal life all over again.
The first known photo of Carissa (second from right) and I.
Instead, I've included a nice n' syrupy run-down of my love for the witchy woman. Look, it's gonna get real sappy. Let me apologize for that in advance. I'm from sentimental, weepy stock. My dad cried the day my guinea pig died! Understand, I'm actually holding back here, ya'll.

We met in 2007 through her roommate and all-time best friend Ramona, who I have just as much loveliness to say about but will save it for another day. Ramona became a barista at Brewed along side of me, and introduced me to Carissa so that we could spend time together while Mona was on tour with Leslie and the Ly's. We met at a time and place when it seemed nearly impossible to find someone like-minded, or even my age for that matter. To find ladies like Carissa and Ramona in a place like Cedar Rapids...well, what the frick! How does that even happen!?
The first (of so many!) nights spent dancing at the now defunct Club Universe as a trio. These coordinating red, white, & blue outfits were unplanned--it was just meant to be.
Carissa has been the kind of friend that changes your life. From her, I've learned what it means to be loyal and to think constantly about others more than myself. Nearly every day I wear or use something she has made or bought with me in mind, and it's always pitch-perfect "Brooke." Her kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, sense of humor, spirit of adventure, activism, and friendship is unparalleled. Through her, I am inspired to be a better friend, the kind of friend that is family.  Our friendship has encouraged me to embrace myself unconditionally, to wear each inch of "weird" as though it were a mile (a confetti and glitter covered mile!).
Carissa is not pictured, but these are her amazing creations.
Please visit Carissa's blog to witness it all for yourself.
Support her by buying her amazing jewels and vintage at White Rabbit, The Fix, or her Etsy.

I present to you, some of the "greatest photographic hits" of Carissa and I, following the break:
Giving Mini Lady Liberty some last-minute loving before she was washed away in the historic flood waters of 2008. This night also lives in infamy as the night Carissa received a shin gash worthy of the name, "Leg Vagina."
With Erica, playing the part at the Iowa State fair.
Teaching a group of eco-activists traveling in a veggie oil-powered bus how to play flippy cup in the Pink Barn's basement.

Halloween photoshoot. Carissa sewed her own spot-on Gaga-from-Bad-Romance costume.
Halloween 2010, two magical creatures: a unicorn and Alice Cooper.
Prom 2011.
Halloween 2009.
Recruiting a little assistance after Carissa swindled me into karaoke-ing "99 Problems."
Koo Koo Kanga Roo visits Iowa City.



  1. zomg:
    1. favorite photos are the two where carissa is doing the frowny yell.
    2. you guys are the hottest tigers ever.
    3. the second to the last picture I didnt see carissa because I thought she was the painting.
    4. this is fabulous.