Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Tabs in My Browser

How I fart around on the internet, currently:

1.  I made latkes for the first time tonight, and bought lox (also for the first time) to top them. There's plenty of smoked salmon left, so next I'mma make this New York style breakfast.

2. Photos from the best date I've ever had--The Rock Show here in Cedar Rapids. Carissa and I spent a solid 2.5 hours looking at gems, minerals, and fossils, and only saw one other person rock-nerdy enough to take photos. I bought a lot of jewels, a new age pendulum to help me make decisions and/or jokes, and built a new belt buckle to replace Jake's beloved but broken favorite one.
Photo of beautiful geodes by Carissa, who was the smart one that brought the camera.
3. Erica's thrift haul from a trip to Florida. Thrift porn! I am guilty of being the reader that made the request...

4. Ridiculous and amazing pinball machine themes! Last Supper (yes, it's a Jesus theme!), Bill Paxton, and GasAttack!

5. This would be a fun project, and would be easy to make as silly/sweet/encouraging/crude as you wanna be.

6. I keep this map in a tab each time I craigslist for Chicago apartments, which is often. Looks like our winning neighborhood will be Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Humboldt Park, or Irving Park. I'll be working in River North. Come be our neighbors!

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