Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrift Store/Thrift Score

Whoaaa have I been doing chores or what?! Hint: I totally have. My tires are now full of air. The Linn County offices have been visited (and I have been snarked at by an official). The bank saw my face today. Taxes are about to be done. I sent my sewing machine off to the doctor with a gentle little pat for good luck. The apartment is clean thanks to a productive Sunday.

These obnoxious feats are accomplished, generally, with the promise of a reward. Today's prize was a stop at the Goodwill across the street from the Linn Co. offices, where I bought some new summer gear despite the fact that we are moving in about 3 months...and I know how much I hate moving all the crap I already own.

I will rationalize this behavior in the following way: big city thrifting is more expensive and less fruitful than Cedar Rapids thrifting. Thus, it is essential I get my fill in while I can.

Top: Thrifted, covered in hearts, $1.50
Jeans: Clearance rack, $5.00
Earrings: Rusty La Rue (can be found here), $7.50
Shoes: Not pictured, nasty Keds, gift from the boo
Hair: a hilarious, top-of-my-head disaster
Approximate Total: $14.00

A: On par with the return of my affection for the ballerina aesthetic. The yearning for sheers, pinks, frills, and lace is never too far away from me. The back has a giant sheer bow to tie, but doesn't quite zip up. This will either be fixed with the impending bike rides to come, or with the sewing machine. $.25
B: Salmon Cherokee brand jumper, loose-fitted like I want all of my jumpers to be. Perfect for rolling around in the grass. $2.38
C: Helllooo, thick, pasty legs! I can't tell if this is supposed to be a costume or not. Originally a one-piece, I already snipped up the crotch, ready to be sewn into a dress once my Janome is feeling better. Major pilot/military details like epaulets blur the line between costume and casual. I'mma wear the crap out of this! $5.00
D: 100% silk, vintage with its tags still attached--originally $200! The only wrap-around I've ever found that actually fits just as it's supposed to--the buttons meet all of their matching holes without tugging OR sagging. The colors are a dream come true. Now it's all a matter of going somewhere fancy...$5.00
E:  Not shown, but included in my $18.00 thrift bill: a string of plastic air-stream trailer party lights, a mug with a photo of a poodle for my collection (a collection of photo mugs, NOT a collection of poodles), a 25cent belt, a 25cent coogi/cosby sweater to gift, and a heart frame to fill with doodles for Jake.


  1. Your looks are awesome but hot damn that wrap dress looks fantastic! You are right to stock up because you've been spoiled in CR. Don't worry you will find some new spots in Chicago and we will send you hilarious care packages.

  2. i can give you THE best list of thrift hunts in Chicago! What's great about Chicago thrifting is that it really is a cultural pocket to the neighborhood i.e. Devon thrifting is Indian, Cicero is Czech/Spanish. You will need to sharpen your elbows for Chicago thrifting.