Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Small Token

This frame, found today at Goodwill, gave me a chance to give Jake a small gift. A token of my adoration. He is especially good at wrangling my breed of crazy, and acting like the things I cook are the tastiest ever. The best teammate I could have asked for. He and Muschi (my cat) make the same face when they want to snuggle. Jake moved here over a year ago to be nearer to me, and this summer we will be moving to Chicago together.  My stuff is going to be all mixed-in with his stuff. Geeez.

Drawn when my hair actually looked like this, and Jake's beard was significantly less ferocious than now.
The doodles are from The Notebook I Carry Around (most ladies I know have one). I traced the doodles on tracing paper I'd been handed down, and colored them in with nice art markers (also handed-down). I definitely like the original drawings better than the framed ones. Our rosy cheeks are accurate, but I wish I'd also added eyes or no cheeks at all. C'est la vie!

Total project cost was only $.88, the cost of the frame.

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  1. damn girl! those drawings of you and jake are sooooo cute. good work, buddy!