Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dueling Prints

This week's jam is Sly and the Family Stone's "Every Day People." I can't quit it. Do yourself and dance to it. Affirming and rump-shaking.

A meeting with Sonya, Ramona, and Carissa inspired this thrifted outfit. Our meeting smoothed out a few details for our Eco-Fest Fashion Show and Open Studio, where we will showcase our methods of thrifting, reconstruction, and wardrobing in the name of sustainability. The studio and show will be on April 16th at Gatherings in the New Bohemia District. It's free, so please come check it out!

I chose to mix and match patterns, like my lovely cohorts have done in the recent past. Their boldness left me drooling for my own pile o' patterns:
  1. Ramona's competing/coordinating stripes.
  2. Carissa's extreme checkers with dainty floral belt. Scroll down just a bit, but first check out how Greg cheated to beat me in Bananagrams.
  3. Sonya's proud stripes and precious florals.

Top: Dueling owls pattern. Thrifted, $.75
Cardigan: Blue and white stripe pattern. Thrifted, $2.00
Skirt: Jewel-toned floral pattern. Thrifted $1.50
Belt: Aztec print leather belt. Thrifted $.25
Tights: Clearance rack, $3.50
Shoes: Not pictured, brown cowboy boots. Vintage, $10.00-ish
Approximate Total: $17.00

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