Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recycled Notebook Project, Pt 3

Generally, I don't give myself too much credit when it comes to crafting. I do it mostly for the fun and adventure of it, to see what I can get away with and to keep my hands busy. As mentioned a thousand times before, I am not good with perfection, planning, measuring, exacting, tidiness, etc. I'm The Tornado! Crafts for me are generally experiments, hidden once completed (or half completed). 

But look! I kind of successfully made something kind of neat!
Side view...ooooh, the colors.
Back, crooked and Mod Podge-y...
Yes, it's still plenty sloppy. For my ego's sake, we'll call it "folksy." My general strategy is "slap it together and cross my fingers." Form isn't everything, because this baby is totally functional.
Front and pages glamour shot
  • Map of Iowa, laminated with acetate adhered with Mod Podge
  • Tons 'o blank sheets of notebook paper salvaged from old notebooks and cut to size (with minimal waste/scraps, I promise!)
  • Mod Podge, Mod Podge, Mod Podge to bind the pages and the cover
  • Portion of a hardcover children's book for a sturdy back
  • Embroidery floss for color, cutesies, and to ensure it all stays together
So, anyone want a little notebook? I have plenty more materials and an itch to crank 'em out...Whoa, I am riding high today with project success. On another high notes, my sewing machine came back from the sewing machine hospital and is ready to get down to business. I'm hoping to bring as few unfinished projects as possible to Chicago--time to get 'em done or get rid of 'em!
I gave this handsome guy this handsome guy haircut.
Post-ending cat photo: Bill and Emme discuss who should wear the infant overalls first.
Tonight, I'll be wearing green for some stand-up comedy at the Mill in Iowa City. Buddies and I will be supporting Ramona's Boone County Comedy Troupe while they open for Lipstick Homicide and Bitch.

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