Friday, March 4, 2011

Classic Carissa, Part 2: The Sassiness

Gah! What a naughty blogger. 

Between a non-stop weekend, a ferocious work-week, and issues too whiny for the internet (but wasn't the internet made for whining!?), I have been lazy in both writing and dressing. I wore both men's pants and shirt today, for instance, and neither fit in that cute, slouchy kind of way. Yeesh.

Here is the run-down of Carissa's four consecutive birthday witching hours:
BLAM! The girl even looked like it was her birthday.
Karaoke at Gathering's, where velvet was worn and Josh sang that he's got "99 Problems" and Carissa is every single one of them.
Basement chat party, which felt like a rainy day at camp in the best way. Recommended for large groups: pin cards with names and objects written on them to shirts and make each recipient guess only in "yes" or "no" questions. Family-friendliness is optional based on the group.
Dancing at the bar! More velvet!
Recreational mall goth-ing. More evidence of this to come...

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  1. That last picture of greg makes my heart puke with desire.