Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wooden Earrings

With my sewing machine seriously out of commission (STILL!), my Making Energy has been put all over the place. I've been nesting, embroidering backpacks, painting sticks, and cooking food among other things.

This week I'm making these mini tree stump earrings. The front is natural wood, the back is a nickel-free post. These are just the natural wood, but I've also been playing with paint, and have some ideas involving a wood-burner or Dremel...the wood is so tiny, I'm nervous!

I'd be happy to send a few pairs out into your sweet hands if you're interested. I feel like I owe anyone reading this a little gift anyhow! 


  1. Cute- I love them & totally want a pair! Congrats on all your successful crafty adventures. I need to get my butt into gear before the winter blahs set in.