Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! pt 2

 The artichoke and the carrot.

I made the artichoke costume--in two manic afternoons--out of foam scraps from my carrot, and a few other items I already had on hand: construction paper, craft pain, yarn, and hot glue. 

The artichoke was totally free to make, and created from found materials. 

Honestly, I was a little jealous at how well it turned out and almost had Jake wear the carrot.

Happy Halloween proper! This holiday makes me especially friend-sick for my very best pals in Iowa (and one in Europe right now!), but we are making do here in Chicago.

Be safe and remember handmade costumes are always more fun and creative. Not to mention, much warmer than what's become popular for women's costumes...

PS- Check out Carissa's spot-on Peggy Bundy costume, and keep your eyes peeled for a possible Halloween update from my urinal-wearing, costume contest-winning buddy Ramona (seriously!).

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  1. Seriously so cute guys ! Green jeans + orange socks are perfect. :)