Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Buddies, Best Blogs

Please take the time to get to know some of my all-time favorite people. I am so fortunate to have met a few of the sweetest, most loyal, talented, and creative people around. Something about that black Iowa dirt. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite blog posts of theirs. This will have to be a recurring thing, because so many friends are cranking out good content (for now, check 'em out on the right sidebar).

Click on the photos to visit the posts!

Luxe Debris by Carissa
Thrift mastery and creative wizardry. Carissa's blog is full of inspiration. For a huge dose of it, visit her Wicked Awesome Wednesdays.

All of my favorite jewelry pieces come from her skilled hands. Check out her jewelry tumblr here and then adopt whatever you're drooling over here.

Patterned Piles by Ramona
What a fox! Ramona can wear anything and wear it well. Most of her clothing is thrifted and reconstructed by herself. Keep an eye here for some hooded cowls perfect for the upcoming cold seasons, amongst other things.

Mona is a busy buddy! Among other things, Mona is an art teacher, illustrator, painter, back-up singer and dancer, clothing upcycler, and pub quiz host. Check out the teaser for her amazing, illustrated joke book.

Three by Jessica
Jessica is currently on a three-month stay in Europe, volunteering at sustainable, organic farms with the WWOOF program. Her stories are captivating, and the photos make you want to renew your passport and hop the pond to join her. She also has a beautiful photography blog you should visit: Ingressica.

A little about Jessica's family of flora and fauna at home in Iowa. She's a knowledgeable activist for good farming practices and animal snuggling. What a gal!

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  1. this is very sweet dear buddy. I am behind on my blog reading/doing and so I just saw this and it is oh so nice. xo