Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It started with a mile walk and thirty minute rush-hour train ride with this awkward box:

There were three of these:

White Polyfoam (think: typically colorful foam found in children's craft aisles)
Two orange plastic table cloths
Leftover faux flower stems from this project
Orange permanent marker
E6000, lots of duct tape, and spray adhesive
Small amount of wire (to help hold the stems upright)
Measuring devices

Total cost: About $15.00

 This thing is REALLY warm. I plan on being as nude as possible underneath, while still having the option to remove the costume in public and be decent.

Now, let me see YOUR costume!

Happy Halloween! Be safe and ridiculous!


  1. IT TURNED OUT SO AWESOME!!! Good job on actually getting photos and then posting those photos to the internet. :)