Friday, September 30, 2011

Backpack Enhancements

 Ooooh, check out that snazzy lookin' backpack up there!

Now that I do about two hours of train and foot travel every day, I need an easy way to cart my projects back and forth between my home and office. I tried something over the shoulder and more fashionable, but the aches weren't worth the approval of sleepy strangers on their morning commute. Thank goodness for my dorky high school backpack, a trusty Eastpack in my long-time favorite color.

See where I removed the Eastpack patch near the top? And the grime I've collected over 10 years? NICE.

I decided the plain bag needed to be updated and maybe say a little about myself. Less, "Look at that grown woman carrying a backpack! Where is she from that that kind of behavior is acceptable? Canada!?" and more, "Look at that crafty girl with her crafty backpack! I bet it's full of crafts and craft supplies. Iowans are neat. I want to be her friend."

I'm making my best embroidery effort with green, orange, and pink floss with both traditional embroidery craft designs and haute tribal-inspired motifs. It'll be a work in progress for a while, a nice thing to slowly add to as I have the time. It's something I can easily do on the train or while the boss naps. Currently I'm adding more thread stitches up the sides (seen below), and a few solid stripes on the face of the bag.

The felt Iowa pin was bought at the Renegade Handmade store when good buddy Liz was in town for a day. I'm thankful for artist Abbey Christine for helping me express pride for my beloved Iowa.


  1. i sure love this backpack. mmmm mmmmm.

  2. Your embroidery is adorable! Nice work. And thank for the shout-out on the pin-- I love knowing one's found a good home :)