Monday, September 26, 2011


I was inspired by this little sweet pea at lost in the forest to revisit my love of pattern stacking, but try a fall-friendly color pallet. Yes, I love brown, but mostly I am guilty of piling on brighter colors than what is in the autumnal spectrum.

 I wish I had some fun, striped or spotted socks to add, but I generally avoid the things and thus avoid the sock aisle while shopping. Serves me right!

Blouse: Imitation Pucci, thrifted for $1.00
Skirt: Vintage navy blue houndstooth, $2.50
Bolo: Elements bought from the Rock & Gem Show this past spring, and completed with an unpolished agate from my personal collection, $5.00 (revisit the glory of the Rock Show on Carissa's blog!)
Belt: Recent thrift acquisition in Chicago, $.75
Tights: So old I think maybe they just created themselves from a pile of lint in my drawers?
Boots: My loves, my soft brown leather booties, $4.50
Approximate Total: $13.75


  1. So good-- I love love love the patterns together & your dining room backdrop looks so nice!

  2. nice work! you look adorable! so glad i could help in the old inspiration department!

  3. I can't believe you are kicking out amazing posts EVERYDAY. GO B GO!