Monday, September 26, 2011

My Downtown Life By Night

I live two different, exciting lives here in Chicago. One in the quaint Northern neighborhood of Lincoln Square/North Center, fueled by local business and lacking entirely in tall buildings. The other is downtown, in the swanky River North 'hood, where I spend my time doing this:

Views from my office balcony:

 Across the right side, you can see the Chicago river.

And my train station, Chicago (and Franklin), which is a nice daily reminder and mind-blower that I live in frackin' Chicago:

 The blue antenna belongs to the Sear's Tower.


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos, and cleaver phrasing I may add. The one of J with the blue backpack is award winning. <3

  2. pretty pictures

    between that baby & Jake you see so much adorableness everyday

  3. Chicago is my favorite city! I love these photos!!