Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We're still in the hunt/gather phase for some things; thrifted frames for our new prints, big colorful rugs, the perfect dining table and chairs...but I have always dreamt of the day that I was able to paint my walls, like "One day I'll be able to paint my home any color I want, and that day I will be a real adult." And it feels just as good as I'd expected, though I certainly don't feel any more grown up. Adulthood will have to wait until I own my washer/dry combo in a furnished basement and an attached garage, I guess. Or maybe one of those fridges inside that garage that is full-sized but dedicated exclusively to canned and bottled beverages? Ha!

I spent almost my entire 5 days off last week covered in latex interior paint. Not especially relaxing, but the stress and body aches have been worth it. We're surrounded by colors! My craft room no longer feels like a captive sweat shop, the entrance no longer a cave, and the dining room and kitchen are cheerful and motivating. We're finally prepared to hunker down during our first Chicago winter. Between these productivity-inducing rainbow walls and Jake's "SAD" lamps, we are going to be dancing and creating our way through the subzero temperatures and gray January skies.

We foolishly chose to put that lovely orange color, "juicy canteloupe," on top of dark navy blue without a primer. Idiots! We knew better, but went against our own judgement. Three coats, 1 gallon of paint, and 1 full Brooke of crabbiness later, the blue was still very visible. After some deliberation, it was agreed that it'd be worthwhile to invest in another gallon of paint. we happened upon the exact right store on the exact right day to find the EXACT SAME COLOR in the "oops paint" section for $7.00. Beyond how lucky I felt, I couldn't stop giggling over how excited we were over a color that someone else had decided was terrible enough to return.

Modeling my underwhelming fall uniform in my newly painted and unorganized craft room.


  1. holy canolli. my mouth just dropped when i saw that first picture. your apartment is SOOOOO cute. WOW. I am super impressed.

  2. The colors look fantastic !! YAY

  3. Oh my goodness! So colorful! So gorgeous! I love how much thought and creativity you pour into everything you do. You are so talented! Next stop on your amazing list of feats? Interior decorating? ;)

  4. Sorry you don't like the paint. I love your outfit and your sneakers are so cute!!