Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kitchen Table

There's a significant difference between the way people use Craigslist in Iowa versus Chicago. Namely, people actually use it here and use it correctly. It must be on both hands that I could count how many Iowa CL interactions had gone awry for Jake. Here, responses are immediate and the people don't flake. 

In our first Chicago CL experience, we gained a dirt cheap 1950's formica kitchen table ($25 with the chairs!) and a new friend in the sweet, young seller. We've been invited to fill seats at the big downtown comedy club! She's currently house-sitting in a Frank Lloyd Wright home! She gave me a book she thought I might like when we picked up the table! 

Through full-disclosure on her part, we knew the table was in a very mild state of disrepair. Someone, long ago, screwed in new screws that were too long and too wide for the original holes. The table couldn't stand when it came to live with us, so I was teased for a couple weeks, looking at its underside while it propped against our wall. We moved here without a table of any sort, and I've been itching to be able to sit down and eat my meal properly without having to balance it on my legs while I sit on the couch. I will indulge in a bout of  First World Problems and say it was agony!

Luckily, my handsome roommate is also handy!

 Luchador painting was an overwhelming kind housewarming gift by the artist, Vaclav Hasek. The two prints are from Renegade Craft Fair, and their placement and framing/lackthereof is temporary.


  1. This is PERFECT. So wonderful to have an eating area near food preparations. It's small, out of the way, and almost romantic. The best part is that it's not near the front door which keeps it safe from mail/misc pile up. When you move back, can you cut and paste your place into Iowa? So cute!

  2. Looking great! What a find! I love how you've incorporated so many elements into the place - it's so bright and cheerful! Very welcoming. The food sure looks tasty too. ;)

  3. The table is awesome! Yay to new friends & friendships.

  4. very nice! great table and decor!