Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit--Andy D and Electric Six

I was able to enjoy a sunny day off with Jake on Friday, so we ran around town before heading to the Electric Six show at the Double Door.

Top: Reconstructed by yours truly, $.50
Shorts: Old Steve & Barry's jeans cut off, $7.00 originally
Tights: ??? So old we'll call them free
Shoes: Beloved Justin's, $4.50
Earring: Unpolished agate studs, made myself
Bow: Included in my giant thrifted bag of 90's hair accessories, about $.05
Approximate Total: $12.05

The highlight of the night was seeing Andy D open. The D stands for "dreams." I can't recommend catching this guy live enough-- you'll laugh while you dance. Support his Kickstarter here, and do some dancing here:

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