Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Reads

I've had the week off, but my roomie hasn't...which has resulted in a lot of late nights, falling into the internet black hole. Here are a few interesting reads I've found, which are mostly related to feminism and race issues. 

Before you write off the feminist blogs (please, don't!) remember that good, healthy feminism means women are free to shave their legs, wear pink dresses, and love men just as they are free to do refuse to any of those things.* I wouldn't dare direct you somewhere promoting anything but good, healthy feminism!

I'll round it out with a little eye and music candy from Leslie Hall, one of modern times' most glamorous musicians. Enjoy this smokin' jam, and feast your eyes on body positivity in live, dancing action. You might recognize some of the dancers, too...

*Good, healthy feminism also means all of these things are true for men as well. So go ahead and shave your legs and wear your dresses, gentlemen! Or don't!

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