Thursday, November 24, 2011

Believe it or not, that male body form and the plate tectonics print have finally been hung in their appropriate homes. The clutter seen in so many photos has finally been cleared. Sometimes it just takes a little rushed desperation (in the form of family visitors).

Dress: Thrifted while in Iowa, then shortened. I thought the dark corduroy would make the perfect fall dress. $5.00
Shoes: Favorite fall boots with faux shearling on the inside. Vintage, $4.00
Tights: So old I'm calling them free.
Bow: Included in a giant bag of hair accessories, $.10
Approximate Total: $9.10

Happy Day of Feasting with Loved Ones!

Jake and I are headed to Southern Illinois to spend the day with his family, and then hosting our own dinner for the first time as a family on Saturday. We're in the center of my Iowa and Indiana family, so we'll be feeding eight. YIKES. We bought a decent supply of beer from the brewery around the corner to keep everyone happy and entertained. I'm thrilled to have my dad, his sister, and the rest of our family to my home here for the first time.

If I'm not around tomorrow, have a perfect weekend.

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  1. Love the warm colors of this outfit. The dress is super cute! I hope your hosting goes well- you guys are great hosts so I think it will be great.