Friday, November 18, 2011

Going Wireless

First, I accidentally bought the wrong one. After returning the first one and ordering the correct model, I realized I'd received an incompatible cord. When attempting to order the cord I needed, the only retailer carrying it had put a hold on orders for two weeks in celebration of Sukkot. But now, finally!, I have all the pieces I need to take photos with my wireless remote. It is, from my and Liz's research, the only wireless remote currently compatible for my D3100. I love it!


Here are some silly photos we've taken since it's all come together:

Happy Friday! We'll be seeing some visiting buddies, attending the Battle of the Jug Bands, and feasting off of the cooking rampage I was on this week. Spanakopita! French onion soup! Organic roast with horseradish from my dad's garden! 

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