Monday, April 11, 2011

Pasty Legs

It's another day off from the coffee shop! Today has been dedicated to the fashion shows coming up, on both the 16th (this weekend!!!) and the 30th. Both shows will include my Cedar Rapids blogger lady brood (Ramona, Carissa, Sonya, and myself) showcasing sustainable and thrifted fashion, but two very different collections! 

For the Eco Arts Festival this weekend (starting at 7p sharp!), I plan to showcase the wear-ability of thrifted and resurrected clothing. You know, looking cute while being broke (and caring for our environment!). 

Recycle In Style (April 30th) has chosen "Thrift by Design" to be the year's theme. I'm looking forward to bringing thrifted items to life in a creative (and possibly wild) way in my own style. Expect to see patterns on patterns on patterns!
Gettin' (fashion) Stuff Done
Top: Beautifully embroidered vintage blouse, purchased at Thrift Mart (spring '11), $1.00
Tank: Sheer, sequined tank purchased when I was in high school and recovered from the donate pile, FREE-ish
Shorts: Thrifted purple denim beauties, $2.00
Belt: Braided leather belt, Thrift mart (spring '11), FREE
Shoes: Moccasins, a gift from my mom, FREE
Sunglasses: Vintage from Thrift Mart (fall '10), FREE
Hair: Finally long enough to do this lazy 'do!
Approximate Total: $3.00

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  1. i love the whole Thrift Mart (spring '11)'s the broke brog thrift mart spring collection!