Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eco Arts Festival Sustainable Fashion Show

Source: (visit before the 21st to see the relevant article!). Photo credit: Cliff Jette.
Well, look-a there! They put me on the cover of the local entertainment newspaper insert. I visited the Bottleworks building (host of Gatherings and the Eco Arts Festival Sustainable Fashion Show and open studio) on Tuesday with a few pieces I plan to bring Saturday. The photo choice was a surprise after spending the shoot struggling to make a "sassy, pouty face" under the instruction of my art director (Ramona). But look how excited I am about sustainable fashions!

See how excited my weekend co-horts are, too!
Sonya is an amazing thrift artist that will blow yer mind with her HANDSEWN creations.
Ramona will have the Cedar Rapids Roller Girls model her outfits!
Carissa is creating seven entirely different looks anchored by the same black dress. Neat!
Work started especially early today, so I added a couple extra sleeps this morning by selecting an outfit ahead of time. VOILA! no men's shirts or sloppy pants. Enjoy the change of photo scenery in the most shameful room in my mom's house (yellow walls and blue carpet!?!?!).

Top: Butter colored bib tank, a gift from Carissa, FREE
Cardigan: Old old old and embellished on a bored day years ago, $3-ish?
Skirt: Thrifted floral denim, shortened from maxi-length, $2.50
Belt: Thrifted, $.25
Necklace: Large tiger's eye pendant from Thrift Mart (spring '11), $2.50
Shoes: Holiday gift, FREESIES
Approximate Total: $8.25

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  1. great job lady! The photograph turned it so well....good outfit choice. See you Saturday!