Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eco Arts Festival Wrap Up

Hey buddies, guess who survived participating in their first fashion show?
A: Sonya, myself, Carissa, and Mona enjoying fleeting sunshine and a dung beetle made of trash. B: Miniature craft pile. C: Workspace during our open studio. D: Getting ready.
The Eco Arts Festival, this past Saturday, was a smashing success! Sonya, Ramona, Carissa, and I had a surprisingly good turn out for our open studio during the day, and I was able to get more done than I would have at home. Creating in public while chatting seemed to get me further than it does at home (with cats and food and other distractions). Expect to see me sewing out on First Ave one of these days...

 A: Reconstructed shirt made from two tees, re-hemmed vintage skirt, and high-top white leather Keds. $7.00
B: Embroidered vintage blouse, red mini skirt, tiger's eye bolo, brown booties. $7.50
C: Once a one-piece business suit with attached jacket, reshaped with added lacy back, worn with patent leather pumps. $3.50
D: Two vintage slips (top is lace, bottom is sheer pink) worn with a tie belt from another dress and pumps. $5.00

The fashion show itself had an even better crowd. The number of people in attendance that weren't friends was encouraging, and the large crowd of friends was touching. What a supportive crew and community we have! 

A: Banana Republic military-inspired shirt dress over a leopard dress, worn with a white vintage belt and brown booties the day of the show. $6.00
B: Denim blouse embellished with stones and studs, southwestern vintage belt, and lace mini skirt. $10.50
C: Excuse this terrible photo! Vintage men's work shirt belted with cut off shorts for a casual summer look. $3.00
D: Pegasus shirt gifted to me by Jake on a bad day, vintage "B" sweater vest altered and gifted by Ramona, and a vintage snap skirt given to me by Carissa. FREE

Special thanks to Sonya (for allowing me this opportunity!), Ramona, Carissa, the New Bohemia District, Tom and the Gatherings crew, Ben (for making me fliers so people know that "Brooke isn't bad"), Cliff Jette and the Hoopla gang, and all my beloved family and friends for support.

*All items featured in the fashion show ensembles were purchased or received second-hand, including shoes, jewelry, and belts.

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