Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Like Chefs That Eat Frozen Pizzas at Home

The preparation for all of these exciting upcoming fashion shows have in turn made me a pretty sloppy dresser. When it comes to the day to day stuff, I am all jeans-men'sbuttonups-and-ponytails. I guess it doesn't help that most of my favorite things are hanging in the queue, staying clean while waiting to be turned into attractive, sustainable ensembles. 

The set above (shown also below) is not yet sorted, and is only about half of the items I've set aside for this weekend's upcoming Eco Arts Festival Open Studio + Fashion Show. The official line I'll be showing on Saturday hasn't been finalized, but there are some things I can promise: Relevance, charm, wearability, and sustainability. I promise to make 7 full looks that have been entirely thrifted. Thrifted belts! Thrifted shoes! Thrifted jewelry! Thrifted scarves! Thrifted various other accessories! The only bought-new things you'll see me wear are what's underneath...which, I guess, you probably won't be seeing anyhow.

Because my mission with this show is to prove that you can survive in the fashion world as a thrifter, I don't plan on showcasing anything I've done much work to. Clothing may be shortened, hemmed, mended, or sewn-in a bit, but otherwise they've gone straight from the racks to my body. 

Dressing successfully in second-hand items does not require the use of a sewing machine. 

I promise. 

Let me prove it to you on Saturday.*
Frumpy, Frumpy Day
Top: Men's collared shirt from Thrift Mart (fall '09), $1.00
Cardigan: Hand-me-down from my mom after she shrank it, FREEBIE
Jeans: Target end-of-season clearance, $5.00
Necklace: Larger tiger's eye pendant from Thrift Mart (spring '11), $2.50
Shoes: Not shown, black flats passed down from a friend, FREEDUDE
Approximate Total: $8.50

*Psssst! Come visit Gatherings from 1-4 for a free Open Studio. We can chat about thrifting and sewing and how nice you look today.

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