Monday, April 11, 2011

ADVENTURES! Catch Up Style.

Some things I did:
I didn't buy this. CARROT baseball bat!?!?! Want. All things carrot. Want. (But I admit that no one needs this.)

I wore a tiger helmet and body rolled at the Leslie & the Ly's show with all my friends.
I Punk Brunch'ed in Iowa City for the Mission Creek Festival. The best day of my 4 days off (FOUR DAYS!).

The cats did this.
I watched Ramona/Ra Ra Rascal compete in Roller Derby AND watched these guys do this.

I continued to date this handsome feller.

I didn't do it. (Murder Mystery Party!!)

He didn't do it either.
I danced to Sandstorm with fog and lasers in someone's living room. This was one of my top five dance memories. One moment we sat civilly in a circle, chatting. The next, there was fog, lasers, techno music, and a group of fools dancing foolishly.

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